7 Reasons – Why Not to Copy Content From Other’s Blog?

The quality of each job is more valuable than quantity. The authenticity of the work, further beautifying qualities. It has been observed that the copying of the article and copyright infringement was heavily criticized around the world and is not recommended. This is only a brief bring benefits to people who do. Shortcuts do not have roots to last longer.

There are no areas that are not affected by copyright issues. Blogging is one such field, where each day the number of people who copy content from other sites increased rapidly. They used the technique of “CUT, COPY & PASTE” and make the work of others be theirs. This is very detrimental, not only for bloggers, but also gives a bad reputation in the world of blogging.
Here are 7 reasons why the content of other blogs copying prohibited.

1. Short-term benefits

Copying content from other blogs will only bring short-term benefits. Initially you will feel comfortable, maybe you will start a popular blog and the money will start to get into your coffers. But cheap popularity will not last long, and one must be stuck in the abyss of humiliation and bad reputation.


2. Caught Red Handed

There are many opportunities that you would have caught copying content from other blogs to your readers. The result they will hate you and your content, I am sure they would prefer to read the content of the original source rather than the result of plagiarism. You will start to lose traffic which will have a direct impact on the popularity of your blog and earnings.

Caught Red Handed

3.  Lost Credibility

When your loyal visitors knew that all this time you just copy content from other blogs, you will soon lose the trust that has built a loyal visitor you for this. Blogging is a type of expression that builds an emotional connection between bloggers and their readers. Both properties will be bound to each other emotionally. When the incident occurred the reader disappointing injured. They will stop you and appreciate your work.

Lose Credibility

4.  Loss of authenticity

If you are a professional blogger and every day thousands of people come to read your articles, like this one mistake will take away the uniqueness and originality of your article which has been very popular. Your blog is probably known to the original productivity will start to lose value.


5. Reflecting the personality

One’s personality can be judged from the actions and habits. Stealing other people’s rights describe your personality in a very bad way at all.

Reflecting the personality

6. Cleverness of Search Engines

The search engines are too smart and have the ability to choose the original content. If you copy content from other articles, then search engines like Google will never put your content on the first page, maybe you will stop by the article on page 10 +, no one will find it. It is very harmful because the search engines will not forgive you and will give a “bad ratings” for your site. And I’m sure most of you know what that means “bad ratings” for your site???


7. International law

Currently it has a lot of international organizations working in the field of copyright protection. Website owners can hire the services of an organization like the DMCA to protect copyrighted content, every blogger who copied the content of the website owner will be dealing directly with the DMCA. This will have an impact on her career and bad reputation.


Are you happy if other people benefit for free from your hard work? I’m sure no one will forgive him in any case. But in addition to all that, a person can be more creative when it deadlocked in making quality content. In these circumstances he can get help from other existing content but does not mean copying the whole content to the blog. He can only take an idea and then open a new way of thinking in a broader perspective. Even considering the worst case, if there is no other choice but to take the same idea then it should be quite able to reframe the new words in their own way.

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