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Google Gravity

Google Gravity

Bored with the look simple and simple google, you might try this trick.

Google gravity , the site is designed so that you will get a different experience in using the Google search engine to find the results of your search.

Open, then type “google gravity” (without the quotes) in the search box, then click the button “I’m Feeling Lucky”, see what happens.

Yes, you will be taken to another page that is similar to the Google page. A moment later you will see all elements of the page, from the Google logo, the search box and there are menus that drop down as drawn by the force of gravity. Wow, weird is not it?

Not only that, you can even play these elements. Try to move the element by clicking on one of these elements-resistant, move wherever you want. Each less exciting? Now try to throw you move the last element to another element by releasing the mouse click. Elements were going to collide with other elements and the two bounce off each other. Wow, still less exciting? Now try googling as usual you do, click on the search box and enter whatever word you want to search and hit enter. Search results of keyword you enter will fall from above. This time I am sure, you will definitely say this “fun”!

Google Gravity Project was created by a team of Mr. Doob. The effects of gravity created by the use of Box2D js. Many Internet users are claiming that Google Gravity is one of the best Google tricks ever.

Happy playing!

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