How to Get Qualified Backlink Bloggers?

Understanding Backlink …!

A backlink is a link or links that come from sites A site that leads directly to B or vice versa. Backlink typically used to boost the popularity of your blog/website and also as a strategy to improve SERP position. Then how do I get the quality backlinks? Here’s the full review:

1. Embed links in a way Commenting

How to embed a link to a website/blog is dofollow, popular and high pagerank is insert a link into the content of the comments or comments by using the Open ID and can Jugan using the Name/URL as a user (for a blog from

2. Submit Blog/Web Directory Dofollow

At the present time, many free web directory that can be used to embed into their directory blog link. Well, your task is now to find a directory of dofollow site then submit your blog governance.

3. Submit Articles to Social Bookmarking Sites

There was no denying that the success of a blog can not be separated from the social bookmarking sites such as Google Plus (g+), Facebook, Twitter and many more social bookmarking can be used as a medium to be used as a means to embed a link blog.

4. Profile Sites

How to get backlinks from profile sites is to insert a web link/blog to the profile page of the site (Account Profile) profile such as Google Plus, Blogger, forums and so forth.

Actually there are many other ways that can be done, depending on your own creativity. So my advice redeeming your knowledge or skills in terms of very obtaining backlinks, but do not forget the things you should and should not do in order to avoid penalties from Google.

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