How to Install Alexa Traffic Widget

Alexa Traffic Widgets is a widget that is very good for the pairs in our blog because with the Alexa Traffic Widgets we can see the traffic rank of our blog. Widgets are small and cute this requires a very minimal programming skills. Bloggers simply copy the HTML code and place bloggers or paste it in the blog. Before I give a tutorial on how to install the Alexa widget, it is better to first explain about the types Alexa Traffic Widget.

There are three types Alexa Traffic Widgets are:

  1. Alexa Site Stats Button: This widget displays a transparent logo Alexa, Traffic Rank and Links in. There are three forms of the widget, there is a form of vertical, horizontal and there is a form there that has a simple form.
  2. Alexa Traffic Rank Button: This widget is the same as the widget I mentioned earlier, the difference lies cuman widget has only one form is a simple form. I often find on some blogs for this is the Alexa Traffic Rank Button widget.
  3. Alexa Traffic Graph: This widget displays the percentage of daily reach using the count depicted in graphical form.

How to Install the Alexa Widget:

  • Bloggers visit
  • Select one of the three widget by entering the URL of your blog in the column (Example:, without using http://
Alexa, Alexa Traffic Widgets, widgets, widgets alexa, alexa pasangwidget way
  • Click the Build button widget
  • One copy of the HTML code of the Banner.
  • Then log in pal pal Blogger account.
  • On the Dashboard, click Design and click Add a Gadget.
  • Choose HTML Java Script
  • Paste the code that we get in the second column.
  • Save Template buddy.
Thanks for your reading. Wait for my next post.
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