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10 SEO Tips for Website or Blog

Every time we enter a keyword in the search engine and hit enter, we will get the results in response to search requests us. Those websites which comes at the top of our search is more relevant to our search query.
SEO Tips, 10 Killer SEO Tips for Your Website or Blog
Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a technique that requires daily helps search engines to find and rank your site/blog higher than the millions of websites/blogs in response to our search query.
Below mentioned are 10 tips that can help improve SEO:

1). Writing Good Content

Writing good content that is regularly updated to keep alive web pages. There is nothing better than writing good content to encourage your readers back to your website so it is always advisable to write good quality content for websites/blogs. here is also i post tutorial about How to write a good article on the bloggers for Beginners

2). Showcase Coverage

It’s important to have news or press space on your website as it provides a source for updated content. So keep your content updated regularly.

3). Choose the Right Keywords

Choose the right keywords quality, Use tools like Google Analytics to see the results of keyword phrases that most conversion purposes. The keywords you decide where you will display the page in the search results. Also read How to Select Right Keyword For Your blogger/site

4). Do not use one or two word phrases

Stay away from one or two keyword phrases. Choose a niche with low competition keyword phrases. Every time you write a word or two key phrases, the loss of competition in the web world so do not try to use one or two keyword phrases world.

5). Keyword Density Ratio

Always use your keywords wisely so that you can improve your SEO. The ratio of your keyword density should be around 3%.

6). Website/Blog Text Styling

Use bullet points and italics or bold your keywords. If you have to remember school and college then you will see that we always underline the most important definitions or keywords. Same thing with the web site or blog.

7). Optimize Images

Optimize your images – use the keyword in the title and alt tag of your images included.
8). Tagging Video
Tag videos with the right keywords to rank higher. You should use good quality keywords while tagging videos to improve your page rank.

9). Add phrases Hyperlink

Hyperlinks phrases containing your keywords so that you crawl in search engine pages.

10). Perform Analysis

Conduct regular analysis through Google Analytics and other search engines. Regular analysis of keywords used in your website/blog is an extremely important factor to improve SEO.

Maintaining good quality work and keep you updated your web page, including good quality content.

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