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11 Reasons That Cause Google Deleted Blog

Blogger blog platform is one of Google’s flagship products are very popular and most widely used as a medium for publishing to the Internet. The reason, in addition to free, its use is also very easy. Yet, despite it all, I also uphold the quality, comfort and safety for its users. If a user violates the Content Policy, then google will take tough measures that led to the elimination of the blog.
Why their blog deleted? That’s because they publish content that does not conform with the policy contains specified by google. Well, in this post, we will discuss and understand the things that are contrary to the policy content and blogs to stay safe to avoid penalties from Google.

1. Adult Content

Actually google gives users the freedom to bloggers to publish adult content (sexual activity). However, with a note to alert the blog as “Adult Content”. If this mark is not given, then the google blog will give punishment deletion permanently.

2. Hate Speech

Never publish content exceeds reasonable limits and encourage hatred. Such as promoting hatred against tribe, religion, race, gender, ethnicity, age, status. 

3. Child Safety

According to Google, they will not tolerate a blog that endanger the safety of the children. For example, child pornography and pedophilia (sexual attraction to the promotion of children). Both of these are clearly contrary to the policy of google.

4. Violence

Article should not be a threat of death or the safety of someone/group have been criticized by parties other than Google, is also a violation of the criminal law act or articles that encourage someone to commit acts of violence and racism.

5. Crude Content

One who violates Google policy is rude content. Such as pictures, video or graphic content that clearly shows a sharp weapon wounds/rifle or show someone brutality that resulted in accidents and even loss of life.

6. Illegal Activity

Posted a article which includes all sorts of illegal activities, such as pushing or invite someone to use drugs or alcohol. In this case and with regard to child sexual abuse, the parties insists google will give the action they should do even report it to the authorities.

7. Copyrighted materials

Anyone will not like if their work copied by others without the consent of the publisher/maker. In this case Google has a very effective system to handle. Copied copyrighted content will result in a very low rank, suspension of Google Adsense and Elimination blog from search engines. Well, if you find your work material copied by other blogs, do not worry because you can report it via the Report of Alleged Copyright Infringement Blogger supported by the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)

8. Privacy Violations

Do not article containing confidential information a person. For example, credit card numbers, telephone, personal contacts, as well as other confidential information that is contrary to Google’s privacy policy.

9. Spam

Spam is an activity that is not liked by Google. Some of them are kind of spam unnatural backlinks, content impersonation and many other types of spam that should be avoided by a blogger.

10. Impersonation

Impersonating someone with the purpose of misleading, pretending to be someone else, to confuse readers and other purposes is a criminal act which case you should avoid.

11. Malware

Insert malware or viruses into the blog is not a commendable act and not at all appreciated. The risk of this action is permanently banned by Google. Such things that you must understand and know about the content of the above policy and security sake of your blog, do not ever violate what has been set by Google (Blogger). 
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