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21+ Ways to Crowded Visitors on blogger

In the case of my blog, including a newbie, only been here I want to share tips from the little that I know how to blog crowded, although I have not been able to apply all the benefits but at least I feel and hopefully start with more knowledge can add another of this writing, the comment column.
Already known, that there are so many posts on how to blog visitors and famous. Of the articles, I try to explain some of the techniques, which then each translation will be continued on another occasion. Moreover thing to remember, information and technology continues to evolve, so sometimes there are a few things that may be useful now but in the future become less useful or even useless, so some things that need to be updated, and then again to the reader who knows it, in hope to share the info here.

This technique can be applied to a new course for those of you who already make email, blogs, and determine the topics that will be discussed on your blog (niche blogs), whether on a single topic or a wide variety of topics.
Yes, we discuss some techniques directly to your blog/website you get a lot of visitors:

1. Write a quality article
  • wrote that many people search
  • Titles and descriptions that attract the readers to know more because of unique or intriguing
  • SEO optimized
  • Easy to understand
  • Able to resolve the problem or satisfy readers who seek such information 
2. Write the main article
  • What I want here is an article that contained almost her entire keyword-keyword of a topic that will be discussed your blog, or in other words, the article became a general overview of a topic on your blog, which will detail each will be continued in the next post. 
  • 1. You are no longer bother to discuss anything, because it already has a long-term task to break down the points on the main article.
  • If you liked writing and has a typical reader, then the reader will await review the details of each such point.
  • Most likely he will follow your blog so do not miss the continuation of the article information
  •  Make the most of your article read, because the article has become a major signpost to other articles required the reader, which he already knew so skipped (not read) and which are not yet known, for then he read. So the main article content is similar to a category or label, it’s just that the content rarely read.
  • The main articles you can make a homepage, or place it on the page, or in the sidebar, or in the navigation section.

3. Make linkbond as much as possible on each article, thus forming a article. If there is one article of interest to visit and in the article there is a link to another article, the majority of visitors will visit the other articles. And of course this will make the value of blog page views increased. And this is what you do on the MAIN ARTICLES.

4. Put a picture/image on each article, most of the visitors attracted to the first image compared to the title and content of the article. So give a picture that is quite interesting, so that the visitors are interested in visiting your blog.
5. Write articles on a regular basis

If you are able to at least 1 post per day. It will contain a good impression to readers/visitors, because they view the blog/web you are always updated per day and chances are they would come back for the next day so as not to feel left out or posting tips / tricks latest from the blog/web. Active blog will be quickly indexed search engine (google, yahoo, bing etc)

6. Design Templates

  • Use attractive templates and seo friendly
  • Catching eyes (unsightly) please read the guide in order to look attractive blog by using the science of topography
  • The article writing is easy to read (size 14px upwards, contras with the background color so that it is clear) and not to any posts that are not seen by either eye when the image is loaded or when the image is not loaded. 

7. Loading Accelerate Blog

  • You can use PageSpeed ​​Insights and much more to find out what needs to be improved to increase the speed of your blog.
  • Not installing widgets that are not really needed to be burdensome blog,
  • Optimize images to be uploaded not too large, use or
  • If the uploaded image just use existing facilities on the blog, do not need to upload out, the house itself is more easily accessible than the others. 

8. Commented on Make your blog easy and convenient while maintaining the seo optimization see more details on how to blog crowded and anticipation spam comments read on that link

9. Register your blog with multiple ways submit sitemap to search engines such as Google and Bing/Yahoo. Moreover register to Webmaster tools with 3 methods of verification and also to register the Google Universal Analytic

10. Submit your blog to RSS Feed Directory. When someone subscribe to your blog via RSS or get your blog updates via email, they will see your post when there is a new one. It will be vital to keep the readers stay in touch with your blog and attract them back.

11. File Downloads
You can post the downloadable e-books, software, templates, tutorials, etc. to include in the download file URL to visit your blog.

12. Javascript Offer
If you understand the terms of javascript, you can make a useful javascript for sidebar gadgets in javascript for recent post, recent comments, popular posts, etc.. You can put your blog link in the javascript you make, but the URL link of your blog listed in javascript to view wise.

13. Commenting on the blog/web others

  • Look for blogs that many visitors, the more visitors the more likely your blog will be visited. How:
  • If available, choose a URL link facilities In the commentary box
  • Fill in the URL with the address of the homepage or one of your blog posts
  • NAME Fill your blog with keywords or keyword from the URL you entered earlier article
  • Give comments that provide additional information, or questions, or suggestions and constructive criticism, so the blog owner will be happy and can be visited as well as the blog visitors will be curious who this is commented
  • If your comment appear immediately (without moderation) then click on the link in order to quickly indexed according to alexa-information that I can

14. Join the Forum and Community
Active in the forums that you follow and conform to your blog, and of course, do not ever do spam, because it is forbidden and inevitably your membership in the Forum will be deleted.

15. Make the list and your article On Site Directory
There are many sites that provide the service publication of your article. Most examples are,,,,, and Submit your articles and make it interesting title to attract the interest of visitors to your blog.

This method does not directly receive many visitors are instances, however, it would also be beneficial long term. You can also use the IMT Website Submitter to submit your blog to over 2500 website link

16. Use a domain name
If you really want to get serious with your blog/web, then use the domain name in order to impress a professional so as to attract readers to click. In the selection of the domain, which is common use such as (.Com, net, etc.) and the domain name is simple (short) and also easy to remember. Learn reading Tips on choosing a blog name

17. Expand the article and spread the link URL
There are many sources that say that the more articles / blog posts / web, then it will be the more possible readers / visitors. But it would be best when coupled with the incessant spread of the link URL.

18. Website Groups
You can use the groups that are already familiar, namely Yahoo Groups, Google Groups, etc. to build your small group discussion that fits with your blog.

19. Take advantage of existing media
Such as yahoo answer, google the question and answer and submit new articles to the social bookmarking sites like,,, google plus etc..

20. SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is important to increase traffic visits from search engines. And in fact the previous explanation can also be categorized discussion optimization onpage SEO and offpage SEO optimization. You can also use a measuring facility seo, for repairs to your blog. Also use Tools Champion International SEO Contest please ask if there is a problem in the article.

21. Be creative mind that last tip, depending on the creativity of your mind in capturing the imagination of visitors on the Internet to get a lot of readers / visitors to the blog / web. So, Be Creative!!

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