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5 Ways To Protect Your Blog From Hackers

5 Ways To Protect/Secure Blog From Hackers Attack. I’m sure you all know how it feels when our blog was targeted by hackers.
Every thing in this world nothing is perfect all must have loopholes. Just how we attempt to cover up the loopholes, in order to avoid something that we do not want. Here is a tutorial to protect blog from hackers. The only ways to complicate and prevent. I hope this tutorial is useful for all of us.

Here are a few tips to prevent, safe and protect your blog from hackers. 

1. Use strong passwords and change every few time! 
These are basic security to the capital of the blog, always use a password that is super strong. It is surprising that the average of the country onliner we always use a password that is super duper simple, and severity of complaints they always blame someone else if it turns out later their account hacked !. 
Make sure your password does not contain the initials of the name, address, date of birth, name of girlfriend, grandma name, neighbors, lizard name, cat’s name,or even name the enemy though! Use a combination of truly unpredictable for your password. And do not ever talk about the password to anyone, but is almost certain that he really be trusted? 
Then, do not forget to always change the password in some time. I usually always change all passwords in a period of about 3 to 4 months. 
2. Make more than one Admin account! 
Perhaps you just created admin account 3 or even more, but I recommend 2 just enough, Do not underestimate the admin account you know, without you realizing this is very important! One of the main reasons they will hack the hacker is our account with the purpose of changing the account details! You will have the opportunity to protect and recover yourself if you have 2 admin accounts! 
To be safe, make sure that both accounts have the admin user and password details are completely different, so that would be a little difficult for hackers to take over control to our blog! 
3. Do not forget to BACK UP! 
Do not miss to perform backups on a regular basis, because you never know when the destroyer will attack your blog. Be aware that as safe as any, as cool as your protection whatever, remember that the world is growing damaged ruin! Nothing that can not be hacked people said, no one can not hacked! Never mind the problems of computer system, the economic system of our country can be hacked, judicial corruption can be hacked, cases can be hacked, tho huh? So, be prepared, do not get complacent. Perform special scheduling to backup any of your blog account. 
If you are using a CMS such as WordPress, Joomla, Drupal or another, you can use the components or plugins that can help in performing routine backups regularly. Simple is not it?
4. Always monitor the file system and activate a warning if there are changes to your web files! 
you can find many plugins, components or applications that can do that! It is important to monitor all of the files and the changes that occur in the blog! Make sure that no illegal activity is happening without you know! Yes, the term, be a security guard for your blog, and lots of plugins that volunteered to do it for you automatically! Do not forget to be careful in installing all kinds of scripts and components into your web account, scan and make sure you are safe before using it! 
5. Distinguish password for all components and aspects of your blog! 
A website or blog will have at least 2 basic account security system: 
a. Accounts Hosting , Hosting Manager typically use Cpanel or DirectAdmin, etc.. It also comes to the password you use to support elements on your hosting, you should always make sure that the password for the FTP, MySQL etc is different with your Cpanel password! 
b. Accounts Web Admin , this is the account for the management of your website from the CMS, where you manage web content. So, make sure all the passwords for each of the above elements is completely different! 
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