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Create a Sitemap (Site Map) In Sidebar Blog

Create a Sitemap

Advantages of placing a site map (site map) on the sidebar of the blog is to allow visitors to see the entire article without having to open the contents page. Visitors only see it on the sidebar . If you want to create a sitemap of this, you should place it on the sidebar rather wide, you can put them there. Or you can also place it on a separate page like on this blog .

Featured of My Script :

  • Easy to use, only two line script.
  • Categorized by Label.
  • Can use for Multiple label in every posts.
  • Give “New !!” Text for 10 latest posts.

Site Map

How to make are as follows:

  • From the pages of the Dashboard > Layout 
  • Click Add Gadget and select HTML/JavaScript
  • Enter (copy-paste) script follows (use Control C)

<div style=”overflow:auto; padding-left:5px; width:100%; height: 250px;”>
<script language=”javascript”>
<ul><script style=”text/javascript” src=””></script></ul>

  • You can remove the bullets (<ul> and </ ul>) if desired.
  • Adjust the size of the width of the sidebar of your blog (you can use the size pixcell ) and change the height of as you wish.
  • Change the number numposts (read the article site map ) if you like.
  • Replace suit your blog URL.
  • Change explanpost her with the words according to your taste, for example: New!, Newer!, Still Warm,  etc..
  • When finished, save the results.
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