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Readers, who may not be bored to visit this blog. Having previously discussed about tips for blog visitors. This time I tried to share tips so that your blog many of the comments, because sometimes there is a blog that has a lot of visitors but very few comments. Then how would, with a quiet blog?

Well, if that’s the answer I just leave it to yourself as a reader and owner of a blog, what is the meaning and advantages of a comment or response for you?
So that is not an extension, we immediately jump start

How to blog with lots of comments

1. Column comments standard
Do not just use the facebook comment field, because not all bloggers like facebook, or never liked but bored with Facebook .

2. Create a blog as a place to discuss
By creating articles that provoke a discussion, or require additional information and opinions from readers. Of course, to include words that invite the reader to join speak.

3. Encourage others to comment
To provoke or encourage any readers/visitors to leave comments, you could include a question on the message form comments, like for example: “What do you think?” or “Do you have other tips that can share? or in the form of query words beautiful and unique or funny, and so that you can develop yourself.

4. Immediately give feedback on new comments because many visitors are attracted by the dynamic bloggers (quickly respond to any new comments).

5. Serve them with questions and responses either by using polite words and not offend them. If you need to call them names, or use the call said that they enjoy, there is pleasure in calling bang, there is like to be my friend etc.

6. Easy and comfortable to comment
Without-Captcha, of course we feel would be difficult to comment should first read the captcha, not to mention the writing is hard to read, or sometimes we enter the wrong code so that comment does not appear. If for security reasons, the blogger seems quite safe from spam, so do not worry too much, I have never received spam.

-If possible without moderation because the average visitor happy if his comments appear immediately, so he could see. Especially if he believes his own comments effectiveness clicking on a link in order to quickly indexed Alexa (as mentioned in point to 13 “how to blog a lot of visitors“). Even this blog there is little time to protest, why my comment did not show up?, Yes I replied: still in moderation.

-If there are comments that do not fit the requirements of commenting on your blog, so stay only comment was deleted. At the very least, other visitors are not bothered because we want to avoid comments nosy than one or two people.

Sorry, that’s my opinion while troubleshooting this, because I still feel safe, but if your blog does not feel safe then that’s your choice, or you have other reasons to use moderation and captcha?. I personally could be a moderation or when using captcha again because circumstances require it.

7. Switch to dofollow, because many bloggers looking for dofollow blogs to grow their blog link on your blog to get a backlink. But first consider the advantages and disadvantages dofollow of applying the tips on this one.

8. Commenting on other blogs, so well known by the bloggers and they are also willing to make visiting and commenting on your blog. These tips related to how to improve the article and note the number of visitors a blog commenting on other blogs tips for seo optimization.

SEO Optimization on dealing with spam comments

1. Ask visitors to use a standard language and without abbreviations, so you can easily translate google translate, because there could be visitors from abroad who want to read your blog. In addition, the google search engine happy with the standard language because it shows that your blog is not a blog just kidding.

2. When you answer the comments, then keywords in bold. How: enclose the keywords with <b>code</b>. Examples of its application can be seen in my comments box on this blog, for example <b> seo optimization to address the spam comments </b> you can also use strong …. </strong>

3. Keyword insertion in the comments, should be done once in every 100 words comments from the readers. So even though there is only one comment, but the comment was very long until one hundred words, it is enough for you to bring up a single keyword.

4. Set up as nofollow links on the blog so that comments not be a gap leakage points that page which will continue to increase in size as you get comments, so these tips in contrast to point no. 7 above that need consideration.

Optimization in the comments field of this will make Google think that our blog is a blog that is mastered the topic, because it can invite people respond or make comments related to the topic. Good luck and hopefully this optimization you will not forget our earlier about discussion.

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