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Search Engines like Google, Yahoo, bing, ask the source of traffic is one of our blog or website, so it is not surprising that there is a science called SEO (Search Engine Optimization). And search engines are the biggest source of traffic that is used by webmasters today. But how can I make a blog to get traffic from search engines? It was easy, mastering the science of SEO, hehe.. But to learn the science of SEO also takes perseverance and patience because the science of SEO considers that there are complicated and some are considered easy, depending we react.

Well, submit your blog to the search engines is one of the SEO steps for a webmaster, due to submit our blog or website to search engines, blog or website then we will be indexed by the search engines as well as all the pages, so we will get visitors because of our many pages are indexed. So, how to easily submit a blog search engine? Easy, just visit the url mate which I provide below and after I got there, my friend just enter the url of your blog and click the submit button is provided, then wait a few days until the url of your blog indexed in search engines.

Okay, here’s the address:

1. Google (indexing between 2-3 days)
2. Yahoo! and Bing (2 engines have joined and worked together)

How to Submit:

1.      the Go to URL
2.      Choose Webmaster Tools Sign In (if you do not have an account, click sign-up)
3.      Having been in the dash bing – select add site
4.      then select the verification method using meta content or other
5.      Copast msvalidate.01 meta code given below in your template <head>
6.      Click the verify button in bing webmaster
7.      Wait a few days until bing index your blog

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