How to Create Custom Permalink Blogspot URLs SEO Friendly

Create Custom Permalink Blogspot
In this post I will share about How to Create Custom Permalink Blogspot URLs are SEO Friendly. Bloggers have introduced the option to create a custom URL permalinks on his post editor, it is news that is eagerly awaited by Blogger users because we can create a permalink URL (permanent link) in accordance with the title or the title of the blog post without cropping, which would certainly affect both the SEO. Also read about How to Make SEO Friendly Blogspot Heading tags.
Now bloggers have done a lot of changes and updates Blogspot users can now use the option given to support SEO and others, such as editing robots.txt, meta description, threaded comments, features custom permalink blogger , etc.. Especially now that I’ve seen a lot of friends who managed to make breadcrumbs indexed by Google which makes the blog look more professional. Well now we will discuss how to create a custom url permalink blogger , please follow the tips and tricks to making a permalink URL below:

How to Create Custom Permalink Blogspot URL

  1. Please sign in not on
  2. Make a new post and see right beside the post editor there is an option Permalink
  3. then make the desired permalink or in accordance with the title/post title
  4. the permalink Separate between words with the dash (-) to make it more SEO friendly, using character (-) is highly recommended
  5. Earn finished/done

Custom Permalink Blogspot

Example URL permalink

The title of the post “How to Eliminate Google Images Frame in Blog”
If using the Automatic Permalink permalink URL of the post title above will be truncated because the standard blogger no more than 38 characters including spaces and this is not good for SEO so that it will be
If using the Custom Permalink Permalink URL will be formed without any chunks of words and of course this will be very good for SEO, so it will be
Well now it’s up to you as the final choice is yours to make Permalink URL since Blogger has given us a very good option, especially for making Permalink URL.
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  2. leona fassi

    September 28, 2014 at 4:22 pm

    A beautiful and high quality information.this paper is accurate to be useful. Thanks to the author.

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