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How to Create a Free BLOG on blogspot 1 Minutes

Actually I’ve been writing down how to create a blog , it’s just that the article was too many guides and links that lead to other articles such as preparation before making a blog how to create a blog that is more easier and faster, as well as the evaluation of the submitted questions and suggestions.
How to Create a Blog

1. You already have a gmail email, if not please make first gmail email.
2. If you already have a gmail account then just follow these steps to two,

  •     Click on this link:
  •     Then insert the email address and password Gmail account that you created above,
  •     You will see a picture like this 
How to Create a Free BLOG on blogspot 1 Minutes

  • Then click the New Blog on the left, (see picture)
How to Create a Free BLOG on blogspot
3. panel will appear asking you to enter
    TITLE: Fill in the title of your blog, for example: Places Sharing Motivation Blog or set of hands Scratches
    ADDRESS: Fill in the address you like, looking for a unique and rather long, can use letters and numbers or hyphens minus – 
This blog will address ends with. If a warning appears that the blog address is not available, then it usually happens because there is using it, and therefore a more unique look for another, eg your name. Example: or my
  • TEMPLATE: Please select your preference 
All of the options was: title, address and Templates can be changed later in the basic settings menu, so you just take it.
4. If it is click the button Create a blog, now BLOG YOU SO 
How to Create a Free BLOG on blogspot
 5. Then there are the blog posts you have made! Start Posting | Close
Please click on the link Start posting and write what you want to write, if you have problems please read the article on how to write a blog for beginners

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