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How to insert/upload Images to Blogs

Bloggers have a collection of video and share it to your friends? Or have ever been uploaded to Youtube ? How do I insert a video into a blog? Or have a collection of photos and images and want to put it into a blog post. Let us follow his ways below:

How to insert images into the blog

Inserting an image can be done in 2 ways either dipostingan or by adding the gadget (installed in the sidebar/footer/header).

A. Inserting images in blog posts

Please log in to dashboard click the new entry to make the newest post.
If you want to put the picture right below the title of the blog or above articles can directly click on the picture next to the word icon Link
If you want to insert an image after a certain paragraph first sentence please type the desired

how to put a photo in a blog post
If you want to insert an image from a collection of photos on the computer, select the upload > Select File> looking at a computer folder of photos you want to upload. if it appears) as figure 2 below, click the add selected.
If you want to insert an image from a collection that has been hosted for example in Picassa or google code select from Picassa web albums or From a URL , for example here I will put up a picture of the URL hosting on google code .
  • Choose From a URL
  • Enter the URL/Link in the form provided
  • If it appears the preview picture Click the Add Selected
insert images in a blog post with a URL
Done and Images in blog posts have been entered

B. Put a picture in the sidebar/footer

Not much different from the first one way, it’s just that we enter the picture by adding the gadget and select PICTURE.
  • Login to dashboard
  • Layout 
  • Select/and click the link or the Image Plus sign (+) will appear below
put the picture in the gadget blogger
The trick;
  1. Buddy may also not be entitled
  2. Caption function “alt image” if the link is still a target of internal links (links in the same blog, I suggest insert captions)
  3. Relationship, may in the content link URL specified either exit or exit blogs, up buddy
  4. Selection of pictures, just like the way a. above, if you want to upload from your computer select from the computer, if from web / URL , enter the URL
  5. Tick ​​Shrink pictures if the sidebar widths of 300pixel

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