How to Make Internal Links in Blogger

There is a basic tutorial blogger this time, I will give you tips for bloggers of all my friends about how to make the internal links. I’m sure of you must already know or understand the power of inbound links from other sites or web pages that are relevant to the terms of page rank or link popularity. And many believe that Google is taking into account those links when determining page rank or authority. That is not entirely true is that these links are the only holders of a significant role in the SEO of our site. Internal links as well as important contextual. Internal links help all pages indexed by the search engines to “remind” spider search engine that our old page still exists and deserves to be rated. It can improve the usability of our blog is well and helped us get out of jail the Google Sandbox.

Benefits of internal links blog post:

Raising the Page View. 
Creating a link to old posts, most likely will take the reader to a page long posts. Readers will open more than one page, it means increased page views hit. Other benefits give your blog more lively impression by creating links related to other posts. There are opportunities, the reader will leave a comment on another page he read. Increasing confidence in the reader of your blog and will likely be a loyal reader. Another possibility is that the reader will not hesitate to subscribe to the article   from your blog. I’ve proved it.
Blog Readers satisfactory. 
Internal links are a good navigation for your blog readers to get relevant postings. One article posted if they are supported by other articles will further reinforce the fact that post. Readers will surely find a reason why he should read the post, is there any other posts on the blog that supports it.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization). 
Creating a link to another post would optimize search engine indexing the entire blog page interlocked. Automatically search engines like google and yahoo will read the content of the post on the link (link) that exist. Links from other blogs that point to your blog (back links) is very influential for blog ranking ( Page Rank ). But that is a link to the post to other posts will raise the blog’s page rank on search engines. We can improve the pagerank of a specific page on the blog by making a lot of posts that link to the quality of the page. Suppose you have a blog post that became a mainstay. Well, to optimize the search engine results like Google, you can create a link from another post that leads to the flagship post. Try it, there must be the effect on search engines. starting your SEO google internal highly recommend this link. Why do not you do it if it is still relying on Google as your search engine.
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1 Comment

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