How to Secure WordPress? Here it is a guide!

How to Secure a wordpress? It is often conveyed by dutaspace friend who hacked his website or who want to avoid wordpressnya websites from hacker attacks. If you continue to wordpress website left without security optimization, then certainly sooner or later your wordpress website will be easily broken by hackers.

How important is securing your wordpress website?

Although wordpress always do an update with the latest version, but sometimes still appear new bugs that can quickly spread both among web developers or among hackers in an attempt to be able to get a gap to get to your website.In this case we use linux OS with apache webserver. Here are the steps for the security of your wordpress optimization:

1. Backup Your Website.

So that you can restore your website to its original circumstances if an error occurs, then do a full backup of your website through your cPanel account. The trick: login to cpanel and click on the “backup“, then select “full backup“, and select “home“. Enter your email to be notified when the backup has been completed.

2. Install the following 3 Security Plugins and activate.

  • Better WP Security 
  • Bulletproof Security 
  • Automatic Updater

3. Add a new Admin user safe.

On your dashboard, click on the “Users” – “Add New”. Use a combination of uppercase letters, lowercase letters and numbers in a username and password, each a minimum of 8 characters.

4. Change the file permissions.

  • Login to cPanel and click the “File Manager”. 
  • Change the file permissions. Htaccess to 0404 
  • Change the file permissions on the wp-blog-header.php, wp-config.php, index.php into 0400 
  • Change the permissions on the folder wp-admin, wp-content, wp-includes to 0705

This tutorial does not guarantee 100% secure your website, but most do not close the security gaps. There is no perfect security and forever, meaning you can not just a setting and then just leave without following the latest security updates and developments, as it may be now considered safe tomorrow has become unsafe due to the discovery of a new bug in the wordpress engine.

If you do not want to do all by yourself, you can use the services Website Maintenance Services us, so that whenever there is a security issue everything is going in the handle by our team.
Regards to your success!

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