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How to Select Right Keyword For Your blogger/site

Select Right Keyword For Your blogger site

How to Select Right Keyword For Your blogger or Site is one of the most important techniques in SEO. This section is very influential in determining your traffic, because if you choose the wrong keywords, your traffic could be just a few seeds of visitors alone. First thing you should do is perform keyword research with the Google Keyword Planner first before determining the keywords that you want the target .

  1. Please enter Keyword Planner page here: .
  2. In the Search for new keyword and ad group ideas, please enter the keyword you want to drill, for example “online business”, then highlight down and set the appropriate data you need. Click Get Ideas.
  3. Moving from tab to tab Ideas Ad Group Keyword Ideas
  4. There will be a lot of relevant keywords that you can use as keywords to target

.How to Select Right Keyword
If you’ve done the above methods to search for the right keywords, then you should first consider the following points.

  • The target keywords that you will be have a high search traffic that you will get higher.
  • Targeted keywords that will have a minimum competition so that you will have no difficulty in rank keyword
  • If your blog is new, try searching for the keyword length as short keyword largely his rights were already reputable blog. Reputable blog is a blog that has been aged, well-known, and has a tremendous amount of backlinks.

If you have selected keywords anywhere matches, now all you have to do is assemble these keywords into the title of the article. Many have said that one title should be used for only 1 keywords for easy reference, that statement is true, but there is also an opinion that combining multiple keywords at the same time will be great because we can get more traffic if it can rank in all keywords, this way I do on almost all of my articles. OK, for stringing keywords, you should collect at least 2 keywords, such as “online business” and “business learning online”. All you can do is to combine and make the title interesting. Of 2 keywords above.
So that’s a short article that I can share knowledge,

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