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How to Solve Error in Custom Domain Without WWW Blogger

Blog can be accessed without typing www. The 404 error means that the blog can not be accessed if it is not accompanied by www. For example, if you just type in only (instead of, then your blog will show a 404 error as shown below.

Domain without the www
The error is caused because there is no diversion from to Well, that is not an error then you have to switch the URL from to manually with a very easy way. Follow the instructions below 
  • Log in to Blogger Dashboard
  • On the Dashboard page, select “Settings” then on the “Publishing” click “EditDomain without the www
  • Next, tick mark “Redirect to www.leetbloggercom” then Save (Save).Domain without the www
  • Reopen your blog by writing a blog URL without the www and the “www”. If your blog to be opened, which caused a 404 error means can not access the blog without “www” has been resolved.
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