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How to write a good article on the bloggers for Beginners

How to write a good article on the bloggers for Beginners

Once you create a blog on blogger, it may be necessary also to explain how to write an article on the blog at the start of the familiar features that are available in the menu editor at and will continue with tips on how to write a good article on blog .

The purpose of knowing the technique of writing in this blog is related to organize the display or function of writings by knowing the each feature in blogspot editor.

Here I will briefly explain some of the features because of course you already know the functions of image icons such as in Ms.Word. If you can follow these guidelines when you direct practice. So first
cara menulis artikel di blogspot
Please open your blog in, then click the pencil picture if directed cursor on it will appear the words “Create New Post“.

How to Write an Article in Blogger

You will go to the blogspot post editor, then see the following image numbering adjusted to the underlying explanation

How to Write an Article in Blogger

1. Write the title of the article that you create in the box, try now write the title, eg “How To Write an Article in blogspot

2. This is article writing box, this is where you will write the things you want to in cyberspace, please type a paragraph or a few sentences.

3. The symbol F is used to select the typeface (Font) of your writing, the way, try using a block cursor (Click, hold, and drag the mouse to cover the last paragraph you wrote) and click the F icon and select the font type you want.

4. The symbol T is used to set the font size

and for normal size or can use the default 12px, 13px, 14px in accordance with your wishes when set font size so blog readable

5. Box marked “Normal” is, serves to set the level of importance;
Heading (h2) which is usually used in the title of the article
Subheading (h3) is used in the subtitles
Minor Heading (h4) in use on the part of the sub-title
If you choose Normal means no more important part than the other parts

Try to now click on this section, you will see the HTML code to edit the article if there is less neat arrangement of such inter-paragraph spacing is too wide, the display when typing in a different blog editor with the Preview, or if you want to add specific code for garnish on the article. Now please return it to suit COMPOSE again.

7. Four icons in the same function with Ms.Word, please block / highlight (click, hold, move to) one sentence and then click one of the icons

How to write a good article on the bloggers for Beginners

8. To set the text color to red, green, blue and others
9. To give background color on paper for example “Technique to write an interesting article
10. To include a link to the article for example, I put a link to this article “how to change the blog background image” that leads to one of my article url. how to insert the links on this paper the same way as before, you live a block and press icon Link

11. This icon is used when you want to insert a picture into the article, as my friend can see in this article there be some images as explanatory captions. and the top is an image decorator.
12. used to insert the video into the post article
13. Serves to cut the article to articles that appear on the homepage (front page of the blog) is not too long. But rarely bloggers who use this tool. Most use the “Read More” that automatically display the home page blog neater and more attractive.

14. Serves to set the font smoothing the left, centered, right justified, the average right-left
15. To provide automatic numbering, please try, if for example can be seen in the explanation
16. For a bullet mark on her list or a list of examples you can see below, when discussing the use of Publish, Save.

17. Qoute, used to make quotes that will stick to the middle, usually used in a sentence conclusion
18. To remove formatting, remove bullets or numbering so that all the posts that you give
19. to check spelling the words wrong what type or language is not standard

Settings Entries

  1. Labels: Serves to give labels/categories on the article. for example, the article titled “How to write an article on the blog” are labeled “Blogger Tutorial”. An article could be than more one way labels, separate labels and the other one with commas. How to use: click Posts “Label” field, enter the desired label name in the box provided, then click “Done“.
  2. Schedule: Work to set the time of publication of the article desired.
  3. Location: Serves to determine your location. How to use: Click on “Location”. Enter the name of the city or state in the white box and click “Search”. If it is found (see the map image), click the button “Done”.
  4. Link: Used to attach a link to the article
  5. Search Description: Serves to include a description or explanation of the contents of your article.
  6. Options: Serves to set the article comments are allowed or not, interpretation of HTML, and the Enter command. 

Publish button, the Save, Preview, and Close

  1. Publish: Publish articles that have been written and insert/save articles into the blog as well show it on the internet.
  2. Save: Serves to store the articles in the draft. Sometimes to write an article, we take a few hours. Because there is a need but the article has not been completed in the type, use this button to save articles that have been typed previously in order to continue writing his article at a later time.
  3. Preview: Serves to see the look on the blog before the article was published. So use if there is a display that does not fit with the look in post editor
  4. Close: Function to close the page “Post Editor” blogspot and will be directed to the “All Posts” (Including existing article d i draft/draft) 

Enough of this first tutorial on how to write a blog article for beginners , there is still a need to explain more about the use of in-depth on each of its features, but also write up here has been pretty drained of energy and time, so if there are less obvious, Better ask in the comments box.
Thank you



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