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How to Subscribe/Get Latest Articles of Blog

Not everyone or loyal visitors of a blog or website that he likes to know how to subscribe or get the latest articles via email and not many of them already know, but the recent articles that he wants to get an update when they do not get the latest or not delivered to their email inbox.

The foregoing is most likely influenced by several factors, one of them due to a lack of understanding of how to subscribe or get the latest articles. Well, for that purpose I created this article in order for those who want to get an update article that was updated over the blogs/websites that they love no exception they can get.

How to Subscribe Latest Articles

Almost all the blog/website provides a means to make it easier for the visitors to get the latest articles by providing a subscription form, be it a standard form provided by Google FeedBurner and that has been modified in such a way so as to appear more attractive. Well, for those of you who want to get the latest articles from the web/blog that becomes your favorite, it helps you pay attention to the steps below: 

1. Search form “Email Subscription” provided by the web/blog (usually position subsribe emails found on the right sidebar or at the bottom of the blog post). For example, as shown below:

How to Subscribe / Get Latest Articles A Blog

2. Once you find subscribe form, enter your email address to send notification of recent articles and press “Submit

3. If the button “Submit” you’ve been hit, it will display a popup or new window. Enter the verification word and proceed by pressing the ” Complete Subscription Request

How to Subscribe / Get Latest Articles A Blog

4. Next, open the email and check your inbox. Usually pengirimya name is “<[email protected]> FeedBurner Email Subscriptions”, then open the email and click the confirmation link included in it.

5. If it is clicked, then sending notifications of the latest articles to your email inbox is already active.

Hope it helps and hopefully useful. Thank you and best regards Leet blogger …!

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