Redirecting Deleted URL Post link in Blogger

Never delete an article that has been published, or perhaps there is an article that “expired” so do not want to read again by someone else. For that sort of thing should be done redirects to a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) so that other readers can still enjoy reading (article) who may still closely related to the articles that have been deleted or expired, so do not feel useless when opening the URL of the article that has been deleted or is expired.

To divert this URL, do the following:
From the Dashboard page,
Select Settings Preferences search.

Redirecting Deleted URL Post link in Blogger
Click EDIT button in front of CUSTOM REDIRECTS
Redirecting Deleted URL Post link in Blogger
Then enter the URL’s in FROM (which is deleted or expired) and TO (New URL To redirect that) textboxes. Also CHECK the boxes with FROM and PERMANENT and Click SAVE and then click SAVE CHANGES.
Custom Redirects Settings Of Blogger

That’s it, All done.

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