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Set up blog so interesting and comfortable to read

How to Make Easy and Interesting blog Reads
In order Display Interesting Blog – This is one part of the article dozens of ways to make the blog more visitors, because this is how to set up the blog so comfortable in perspective, easy and delicious read. 
How to Make Easy and Interesting blog Reads

To further facilitate the understanding you try to read the writing on the image to completion (click to enlarge image)
What do you feel, how do you read the image look like it? So what if the text reaches 12 paragraphs or so? Are you comfortable reading it?

Such writing that will make eyes tired and lazy to make visitors read it, when what we want is the blog visitors linger to read our blog.

How to set up the blog so interesting and easy to read

1. Fix Distance Spaces in One Paragraph Line (Line Height)
Use a minimum spacing of 1.5 to make your blog posts more comfortable to read.
1. Go to Blogger Dashboard
2. Click the red button blow

Some options will pop down.
3. Then select Templates
4. For a safer click the Backup/Restore on the top right corner >> Download Full Template >> Close.
5. Now click the Edit HTML
6. Press CTRL and F on your keyboard for easy searching
7. Enter the word line-height and then search the existing word. Post-body
Something like this

.The post-body {
font-size: 110%;
line-height: 1.7;
position: relative;

Change according to your, between 1.5 to 2
Click Preview to see the result of the change, if it is suitable >> Select Save the template

 Spacing between lines in a paragraph that is too large and wasteful impressed too close distance makes tired eyes to read it.

2. Selection of Font and Font Size

Choose fonts that are commonly used in order to be read on all electronic devices to read your blog such as the type of font: Times New Roman, Arial, Verdana, Georgia, and Arial Narrow
Even if you wish to be creative, but at least the font used is quite familiar to the eye because of the type of font that is too unusual or unique are sometimes hard to read so could harm the convenience of visitors.
Do not use too many font types. At least we use only a maximum of 3 types of fonts. Too many types of fonts will confuse the reader. We can use one font for headings, one kind of text and another for the subtitle/logo
For the text of the page, I suggest to use a font that is designed specifically for computer screens such as Georgia, Verdana and Trebuchet [in the meantime as I know, if you know other fonts please add it later in the commentary box]. One such font is an excellent choice for use on your blog.

If you display the HTML code, CSS or PHP on the blog, use monoscape font is a font that has the same width in each letter, such as: Consolas or Monaco and is widely used Courier as I use the code. Post-body above

How To Change Font Articles

1. Same with steps 1-4 above
2. Click the Customize button
3. Select the Advanced
4. In the Text section >> Font Page, please select the type of letter that you think well enough of the above suggestions

All you change its font size, 13px for the most minimal use of text pages (post articles), but try to use a 14 px or more in order to read properly because it could be that reading your blog is the parents who are not happy in small letters or user glasses, it can be difficult for them to read.

Select the text color that contrasts well with the background color (background) so that writing can be clearly visible and not ‘piercing’ eyes.

5. If it is all click Apply to Blog that is on the top right corner
Similarly Tips for blogs interesting and comfortable in reading , and also goes read about how to make a blog look comfortable read by adjusting the number of lines in a paragraph and paragraph width.
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