Storage places in Facebook Photos

Every day there are number of existing images uploaded to facebook? how many years you use facebook ? roughly how much you upload pictures to facebook?

If we multiplied fifth pakistani population who actively use facebook every day roughly what the total of all that huh???  where all the photo/images stored? The 100Gb hard drive or where? hehehe

Facebook currently has a new file data storage center located in Lulea Sweden, A small town on the northern tip of the Baltic Sea which is only 100km south of the Arctic circle It is the company’s first data center outside the United States and one of the largest of its kind in Europe

In these places there is a capacity machines GIANT

Facebook Photos Online

Facebook Photos Online

Because of its size these machines require large cooling fan to keep the resources remain stable and keep current Facebook social network accessible to its users

Facebook Photos Online

The reasons Facebook chose Lulea for at least three major reasons First this is a prime location to take advantage of outside cooling: the temperature has not exceeded 30°C (86 °F ) for more than 24 hours since 1961 and an average temperature of about 2°C ( 36°F ) Furthermore the dam on the river Lulea generate so much renewable electricity that can be exported half Finally Sweden has a dense network of optical fiber so that reliable data can flow to the rest of Europe and so on.

Lulea Data Center naturally has its own Facebook page www.facebook.com/LuleaDataCenter with more than 13,400 Facebook likes use the page announcing handling traffic from all over the world and to remind everyone how efficiently the data center actually work.

All the equipment is in powered by hydroelectric energy generated Not only is it 100% renewable but also inventory so reliable that we’ve been able to reduce the amount of required backup generators on site by more than 70 percent

In addition to harnessing the power of water we use a cold air Nordic servers that store thousands of photos, videos comments and likes Excess heat generated is used to keep the office warm.

Almost all of the technology in the facility design is based on the open compute project ( OCP ), OCP is an initiative founded Facebook, which saw the company and partners are committed to developing and sharing design data center infrastructure – everything from servers and rack them into the cooling system and power supply

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