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Submit a blog to 2500 links at once IMT Submitter

In addition to the webpage listed in google and other search engines, as well as submit blog url to some directory, you can use the IMT Website Submitter to submit your blog or website to over 2500 other websites at once for free with no pay.

The purpose of this submit is to get backlinks indexed by google so as to accelerate the blog. Types of backlinks that was obtained was one-way backlinks.

If your blog is a new blog that you should take the smallest of the fifty links, not too often do submit your blog to the many links at once, but only gradually do better in terms of time eg once a week and in terms of the number of backlinks 50, 250, 500 and so on.

1. Sign in to
2. Enter the URL (address) of the website/blog to a box that has been provided,

 Submit a blog to 2500 links at once

3. Enter keywords (keywords) that represent (describe) the contents of your blog, so it’s easy on the search engines and try to use the English language for the website link above or use the links english.

4. Limit on the number of options created pages,
You can choose as you wish, which is obviously the higher the longer the choice you also process

5. Click Submit and wait until the process is complete (Don’t Close Browser)
Indeed, some have failed (failed) but passable probably about 95% successful

Completed in about two and a half hours (if slow connection speeds possible middling about four hours)
I hope your blog quickly indexed google, if you have experience or additional please write in the comment box



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    June 15, 2014 at 4:01 pm

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