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Tips on Choosing the Best Domain Servers For Your Blog

Tips on Choosing the Best Domain Servers For Your Blog

Well, here I would like to share about how to select the most appropriate server for your website, especially in the field of services. Because the service is the number one thing for us, while others later.

1. Choose a server that can be accessed 24 hours

This is very important. I ‘ve called and sms to the server to ask for help but was ignored for days. Finally, my blogging schedule mess.

A blogger like we do not have regular working hours as civil servants and army / police. Bloggers work depending on the circumstances, where there is free time and an internet connection fits best, then we can update the blog.

Blogger does not have an office and working hours. As I read when opening Google’s new office in Jakarta. A Google manager explained to employees to say, “That’s where your office. “while his hands pointing to a laptop. This means that the blogger does not have an office, because his office is in the blog.

And for bloggers like me tribal children in the hours of work depending on internet connection fitting at best because her house is on the slopes of the mountain, where the internet signal is very minimal. If the internet connection again crashed means my office is being closed.
Therefore choose the server hosting the domain could be reached swiftly within 24 hours.

2. Choose the appropriate server that serves your willingness

I have experienced disappointment with a server because of this. The server does not comply with our request, but keep her own free will to serve us.

After my phone so I changed the name of their reply said it did not matter. But for us this is an important issue because it will show the accuracy of our data in a google account, if we register our domain to a google program. Finally, next year I moved all my domains to another server that is more about the willingness of the customer.

Well, from the experience of the now choose a server that does not like to argue against our demand.

3. Choose a server that can be trusted

Mutual trust between the server and the customer is number one. I ‘ve learned my lesson with one of the servers that serve my blog that I deleted now because they can not be trusted.

One time I asked a server to fix errors on my blog. then I was asked to submit the login info, ie email and password. Immediately, I submit the login info and corrected my blog.

But what happens tomorrow. It turned out that my facebook account was hijacked by the server because it uses the same email and password. Even though it was my fault why not make a different e-mail and password for each account, but it is evidence that there is a server that can not be trusted even though they are a great server. There may be a rogue employee who kicks open our facebook account with the login info once we submit blog.

* Three is just an important record in the history of my becoming a blogger that I can share with all my friends.

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