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7 Benefits of Google Friend Connect Widget

Already know what Friend Connect, Google Friend Connect is a social community programs like BlogCatalog, MyBlogLog, and others. For blogger users may be familiar because it is embedded in it automatically. because bloggers are also owned by google finished the installation of automatic already.
For owners of Air machines wordpress blog must register in advance for use in the blog. how can be read on how to install the google friend connect I have ever written in my blog.
Most bloggers simply displaying these widgets as a trend only. Without further exploit. Though these widgets have a great function to raise our site. For that I tried to discuss it at 7 benefits of google friend connect.
How to add a Google Friend Connect widget in blogger

1. Can promote the latest posts

For blogger users will be automatically informed of our latest articles posted on the dashboard or on follower home page after you log in to your blogger account. If you interesting posts, they will soon visit your blog.

2. Can be used to promote our latest products.

Unwittingly poorer Friend Connect can be used as a tool to promote a product. Through the newsletter features in it. how to use it is to send a message newsletter whose contents you want to promote products. Then send it to your followers followers. Messages are sent in the form of an email. means you do not perlu tired of making autoresponden, because google friend connect has to be used to it.

3. Can determine the reader’s interest

Create a query to find out what interests the reader turn with poll available. By knowing the reader’s interest, then you can write articles like the reader, so then your writing will be eaten away by the reader. Promoting products in accordance with their interests may be very good for the product you recomendasikan.

4. Increasing the growth of blogs

With the passage of the benefits in point 1. When you promote your writings so indirectly help improve this growth your blog and expectations of all bloggers. Therefore follower of your blog in order to increase the growth of your own blog better than ever.
Many ways to improve our blog followers. and we only require creativity, for example by giving a bonus ebook or another. just an example I give you 2 bonus ebook for customers follower I look at this link.

5. Can capture a broader customer

Anyone can easily become a follower of your customers.
join your site with a single click. They can use a Google account, Yahoo, Twitter and other accounts. because it opens the gate to attract a wider customer.

6. Visitors can interact with other visitors

Excess Friend Connect which provides benefits to the owner of the blog is the facility to interact with fellow followers. Thus they would be more at home being on your blog. They are the follower can also assess and give ratings to your blog. invite their friends in publishing the results of their activities to their social networks. engage more deeply with your site visitors as well as
Among visitors each other

7. Customers can add automatic follower

Automatic increase means customers who like the blog, you can invite their friends to join as follower. In case this happens automatically without you order. Features like these that I think could make a big facebook today. but this is only my opinion.
Well of 7 is actually still can benefit you dig into 10 or more may benefit from your follower widget installed.
One question to close my review of the benefits of this follower is a follower Have you install the widget and it’s also whether you use it ?
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