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8 Powerful Ways to Increase Alexa Rank

Each blogger must have had a dream to improve the ranking alexa on their site. Improve alexa is not a difficult task and even Blogger beginner can do this. Though Alexa rank is not so important and accurate , every blogger always try to improve the ranking alexa. Such as today, many bloggers consider Page Rank and Alexa Rank before doing deals with websites or websites. Obtain Page Rank is a good task is not easy so , first we will try to lower the Alexa rank

What is Alexa Rank?

Alexa is a website that provides the position of the site you are on the World Wide Web. calculation is based on the traffic coming to your site. Traffic Rank is based on three months of data collected through traffic traces of user toolbar Alexa and data traffic from other sources. On Alexa ranking ranked the lowest is the best and highest good is not.
example: has the Alexa rank # 1 and this is a good position very well. Alexa is owned by are used to rank websites in terms of traffic website, appearance, performance and backlinks.

Why Alexa Rank for dogs u important ?

Rating is not important for those owners of bloggers or websites that are not serious and do not want to make money online . Alexa Rank show how good or bad status of your sites. Now we talk why Alexa is so important? well, such as the definition above is based on the traffic, so that every time an advertiser wants to advertise a product or service, they will check the ranking Alexa to understand How popular There you and how much traffic you get . Keep in mind , if you are not smart about the amount of traffic on your site, you are not going to get success to make money . So improving the ranking Alexa with traffic that actually is an important part of career blogging .

How Mening katkan Alexa Rank

Well , now we will learn how to lower the Alexa ranking. Now there are many traffic exchange that you can use to increase the ranking of the site you, but this is not the original . I recommend you to make the visitor the original to the site you are . To perform the trick below before you have to create an account for free on the site Alexa . Below are tips to increase alexa rank powerful . follow me .. .

1. Publish Qualified Posts

you may have heard “Content is King” for a blog. So update your blog site everyday with unique posts to get the amount of traffic that is origanal and quality to your blog.

2. install the Alexa Toolbar Your Browser

This only increase the ranking alexa , but also helps you to know alexa ranking websites other . This is a method that is proven to increase the ranking alexa .
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3. Attach Alexa Widget on Your Site

Installing alexa widget is also important to improve Alexa ranking. This will show alexa rank your site without looking at the site Alexa. Simply visit this link to make your widgets easily.
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4. Try To Obtain Review on On Your Site

visitors and Invite your friends to leave a positive review about your site on This will help you to streamline alexa rank.
5. Verify your site on
Create an account on (free) and add your site. After adding your site, you will need to verify your site to the actual ownership by adding a meta tag is simple. also read How to Get Alexa Pro in Free

6. Try To Get More Sitelinks Alexa.

Sitelinks can also improve rankings Your Alexa. By creating backlinks you can get sitelinks on leave a comment on another site or blog, participate in forums, groups and communities to address your site. This will increase your PageRank, backlinks and traffic as well.

7. Increase your Globally Visitors

Visitors are many qualities determine ratings, so do not aim to get visitors only from one region or country. should be remembered always, when you publish a website or blog, you will be seen around the world. targeted traffic source so you should be on the the whole world as well. Optimize your site or blog for visitors around the world.

8. Writing Post About Alexa

In your blog, write a few posts about how to improve the position like Alexa, Alexa review, advantages Alexa Rank, Alexa toolbars and widgets benefits, how advertisers choose the site by analyzing the Alexa ranking for ads, how to get top position in Alexa rank etc.


As described above , I hope you can understand about what is Alexa Rank and how it becomes a matter so important . In my personal experience , regularly update the article is a trick smart key to get the position best in Alexa , because without updating the content quality no one will visit the site you again and added another site a nda will be dropped from the search engine ranking position . Concluding , I hope you get the position
The best the quality of
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