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Google Keyword Research for SEO

Google Keyword Research for SEO
AdWords is Google’s advertising product made ​​by Google, which is still the main source of Google’s revenue in advertising. AdWords (google Adwords) is an advertise marketing strategy that uses the Google search engine as suggestion to advertise, often referred to as Search Engine Marketing or Search engine-based marketing.

Google AdWords has two ways to advertise, name by:

1. PPM system or Pay Per Million Impressions, in which advertisers pay for the products advertised via Google based on the number per thousand impressions or impressions the ad.
2. System PPC or Pay Per Click, in which advertisers pay based on the number of ad clicks didapt of these ads. So, if the ad appears on the Google search engine, but not for clicks, then advertisers will not pay the cost of running ads.

The Following Free Tool For Keyword Research

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