How to add a Google Friend Connect widget in blogger

Google Friend Connect is a widget that allows to connect people to the blog to get frequent updates of a particular blog. This increases the interaction between the people who like a particular blog updates and also enhances the look of the page. It is provided by google. when Google introduced Google+, Google+ automatically occupies the Google Friend Connect widget. So, Google Friend Connect widget go down the list of widgets, which are not removed or replaced. 

To add Google Friend Connect, just follow the steps.

Step 1 : Go to Blogger and select your blog, which you want to add Google Friend Connect widget.
Step 2 : Select Layout >> Add a Gadget
Step 3 : Now a pop-up window will open to add a Gadget. Then choose More Gadgets and go to Bottom of the page.

Step 4 : Select Followers widget and add it. Thats all. you are done!!!

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