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How to Earn from Chitika Publisher Full Approve

Chitika is also very similar to the Google Adsense where you will be paid on the basics of CPC. This ad network provides you ads relevant to your website content and you can easily customize their ads as per your requirements to get maximum clicks on their ads while working as a publisher with them. You can also use the Chitika ads along with the Google Adsense ads on your site.
How to Earn from Chitika Publisher Full Approve

Step Sign In Chitika, PPC Trusted:

How to Earn from Chitika Publisher Full Approve

  1. Open the Chitika website at
  2. Fill Website URL (ex: ) * may use the website as a subdomain of my first question also use blogspot blog subdomain.
  3. Username (the name that will be used to login)
  4. First Name (your first name) * do not use names like Alay: Nduth Lutchunaa Caaiyank Cemuaah
  5. Last Name (last name)
  6. Email
  7. Re-type email
  8. Password / Password (*hope in Remember)
  9. Re-type password
  10. State
  11. Last write code (captcha) that were there and click “Join Us!”
After that just wait for the confirmation email from Chitika. If you already have an email confirmation, it means your blog has to serve ads belonging to Chitika. If it is accepted, it’s time to add the main blog. DOMAIN & APPS tab, add the domain/blog.

IMPORTANT ..! Please read.

Setting up payment via paypal

  1. Once logged in, click on My Account
  2. Love tick on Paypal (bottom left).
  3. In the “PayPal Email Address” -> enter your username Paypal. Example, [email protected]
  4. Click Save Account Information
  5. How to add a domain (blog/website) to account Chitika

How to make and take Chitika ad code

You can make the Chitika ad code creator, you can specify the channel, the ad size and color display ad template adapts to your blog or website.
  1. After entering/login to Chitika -> Click Setup Ad
  2. Get Started -> Click the Get Code
  3. In the “Select Units Options” -> settings for size and color according to taste.
  4. Copy the code (bottom) and insert it into your blog/site.

Method and Time of Payment Chitika

Commission payments from Chitika conducted with two options, namely the transfer via Paypal and Check. For Paypal, the minimum payment is after income (earnings) you reach $10 (ten dollars). Moderate to check, the minimum is $50 (fifty dollars).
Schedule payment system uses a net 30. That is, paid after 30 days. Example, if we got earning U.S. $10 on January 1, 2014, then the money will be sent to us on February 1, 2014, or usually at the end of each month to pay between 27-30 per month, so if you do not get a fee at the beginning of the month of Chitika , calm down it’s just a matter of time.


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    • priya r

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