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How to Fix Crawl Errors in Google Webmaster Tools

How to resolve the error using webmastr crawl tool, one way optimization blog is a way to remove the error happened when Google crawl crawling on our blog. The goal for the crawling process to be smooth, because the error crawl ( crawl errors ) would impede and interfere with the process of the search engines crawl and index your blog.
How to Fix Crawl Errors in Google Webmaster Tools
Actually causes vary and one of the most common causes is the user deleting blogs and articles that have been published already indexed by google. When the Google Search Engine to index link the error and then someone clicks on the link will display a page that read Crawl Error 404 Not Found, meaning that the requested URL could not be addressed or not found.
Sometimes, too crawl error occurred in the comment box when there are bloggers who leave a link in the blog article and the article was removed by its owner so that the warning appears Url Not Found ( not found).


2. If you have more than one blog, select the blog you want to check ( check )
3. Then on the left sidebar, click Crawk >> ERROR crawl
4. Check all crawl errors
5. Click Mark as fixed
6. click Ok
How to Fix Crawl Errors in Google Webmaster Tools
There is written: This error will not be included again (but probably will come back if the problem is not solved )
So if the next time you check again but still left some crawl errors that can not be repaired. Then do step one (1) to three (3 ) above, so that steps to
4. Click on Not Found.
5. You will be taken to the Crawl Errors page. This page will be shown in the URL Not Found. Copy the url – url.
6. Then go to the Google Index  >> and then click Create New Removal Request
7. Paste the copied URL Not found earlier, then click Continue
8. Then will come the 3 options in the delete URL
>> URLs will be removed from Google’s search results and cache
>> URLs will be removed from the cache only
>> URLs will be removed from the Google directory
How to Fix Crawl Errors in Google Webmaster Tools
9. Click Send Inquiry
Removal process URL Not Found This requires quite a long time. I used to use the first way, but because there is still a stubborn errors, I apply both ways but still do not know the distance of time. Depending on how diligent Google crawl your blog. Thus knowing how to crawl error on the blog. Hope can be resolved and the process of crawling on your blog more smoothly and help position your blog on Google.
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