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How to Install Meta Description That Attract Many Visitors

How to put Meta Description, Meta description is very important to get the most clicks from search engine users. A blogger can notify the brief content made ​​content so that visitors know very well that the content is the content that is being sought. 
Meta description should “use words that attract visitors” to want to click on your item. Maximum number of characters descriptions about 140-160. But I think if you write your Description 160 characters then some words will be lost, otherwise if you write a character around 140 then your description is too short and less desirable visitors. So understand that this true, just fill in your descriptions about 147-150 characters.
There are two types of manual meta description and meta description automatically . Of her that smells will not automatically better than the manual. Automatic description is usually only used by lazy bloggers make their blogs description.

How to Install Meta Description Manual & Automatic

How to Install Meta Description Manual

First of all you have to do is enable the description of your blog because it is the most important, if not enabled then you will not be able to write a description manually or automatically. To activate it, please follow the steps below.
  1. Please login to your blogger account, then go to the Settings.
  2. select Preferences Search.
  3. In the Meta Tags, click Enable Description. Then fill in with a description of your home page.
  4. Then click Save Changes.
Activate the meta tag descriptions mean the same filling for the homepage, the page your article while still. To fill it manually, please follow the following procedures ..
  • Go to the blogger post editor, then look on the right, there is a useful description search to fill the description of the article page. You see a description of the search because it activates the meta tag before, if not then do not search description will appear.
  • Click on the description of the search and then you see a box to enter a description of the article, please use the. If you have click FINISH.

How to Install Auto Meta Description

I’ve already told you that the meta description is not automatically better than the manual, so of course the installation of the meta description for more I suggest using the manual method. But if this is too troublesome or maybe you are lazy, please follow the steps below to install an automatic meta description. Previously, first make sure you have activated the meta description in search Preference 
Please login to your blogger account, go to the menu template, and then click HTML.
Find the code </title> then enter the following code below .. Click Save Template.

<meta expr:content=’data:blog.pageName + &quot; dari blog &quot; + data:blog.title + &quot; dengan judul &quot; + data:blog.pageName’ name=’description’/>

So enough alone discussion of the meta description, hopefully the article how to set up the meta description in this for you.
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