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How to Invite People to Become Writer Blog

How to Invite People to Become Writer Blog – There is no time to take care or fill a blog with articles ? Why not invite people to become a blog writer you? By invite or invite people into a blog writer , it will provide the effectiveness of time that could be used to take care of other blogs. However, to invite people or friends to make himself as the author of the blog we are, is not easy, takes a few terms or conditions agreed upon by both parties, especially for the writer of the blog, there should be rewards or benefits granted. In addition, there must be procedures that need to be done first, before inviting others to be part of our blog

How to Invite People to Become Writer Blog

Please login first to account Bloggers You
Inside the Blogger Dashboard, select the menu Settings >> Basic
Go to the dashboard you want to add a blog author
A look at the blog author. enter the email address of the person who wants to be a writer (the owner of the email which should have been invited to use blogger). 
Click the Invite Author
The next step is to ask the owner of the email address to open the email because there is a new email sent by bloggers for verification. ‘m also the owner of the email to log in its bloggers.
Open the email and click the Accept Invitation
Your friend has become the author of your blog and can contribute articles. then you can determine whether your friend will be the admin or just a regular writer. Finally on the dashboard of your blog there are 2 authors
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