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How to Put Meta Description, Title Tag, and Heading Tags

How to Put Meta Description, Title Tag, and Heading Tags
How to Put Meta Description, Title Tags, Heading Tags and indeed very easy. Rules that must be met in order to put up part of this blog should be more SEO is different in each post. 
As we know that to makes our site in the top position of google is Relevance. So these 3 things are the Meta Description, Title Tag, and Heading Tags is one of the things that can increase the relevance of the site in the eyes of the Search Engine. So, let’s discuss.

How to Put Meta Description, Title Tag, and Heading Tags 

Meta Description 

The first point that can increase the relevancy of your page is the Meta Description. There are 2 Meta Description, for the homepage and on the article page. The maximum length of the description is 160 characters.

How to attach meta desciption on the homepage

1. Login to your blogger account 
2. Go to the Settings menu 
3. Click the submenu Prefensi Search 
4. In the Meta Tags, aktfkan Description. Then please fill in the description for your homepage. 
Click on save changes 

How to Put Meta Description for the page article 

Once you activate the search description (tutorial above), Login to edit a new entry or entries. 
Look in the left sidebar, you will see the option description search, with the description of the contents of your article 

Title Tag 

The second point that we will discuss is the Title Tag. The location of the tag title was the title of the article in the browser title bar. To improve the relevance of the Title Tag, you can put the keyword blogs that you seek in the Title Tag. 
For example your page titled “How to Change the Blog Background”, the title tag should be written “How to Change the Background Blog” in the title bar of the browser.

For how to install the Title Tag, I think it’s easy. Follow the steps below .. 
Login to your blogger account 
Go to the Template menu, then click on Edit HTML 
Please see the following code

<b:if cond=’data:blog.homepageUrl == data:blog.url’>

  • Find <title> code. Then look at the code under the code, it does the same with the above code. If the same, please go to the second point. If different, please delete the code between <title> and </ title> 
  • Then find the code <head> 
  • Enter the above code under the code <head>

Heading Tags 

And the third point is Heading tags. Adding Heading Tags to Search Engines, Is the most important part, more importantly, For a thorough discussion of Heading Tags, please read the article How to change Heading Tag h1 h2 h3
So by optimizing the 3 points above, your blog will be more SEO friendly and well liked google. By increasing the relevancy of your blog, your blog could ranks high in google. But still, these are just some of the signals from hundreds of signals to be on page one of google. 
Hopefully this article useful to you. And thank you for visiting and reading the article
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