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Every day, thousands of account Google Adsense banned or rejected because there is something wrong with their website or they have committed some offense related policies determined by Google. Few others of those who lament even post things related to Google anger in the forums and online groups. In fact this is an action that is not good and just a waste of time. Of the blame, you better back up and act like a professional. The world has not ended just because it is banned by Google. There are a lot of Google Adsense alternatives available for you to try. One is Infolinks. Do not waste your time. You should still have an alternative and is always ready if one type to monetize your blog is not working.

What it Infolinks?

Infolinks included into the type Text Pay per Click advertising is targeted text ads with keywords in the form of a link to an article, web page, or blog posts you. You may need time to start getting income from your blog is not passive because the CPM program, but Infolinks remains a good alternative especially for beginners. In my experience, if 100 people visit a website, 8 of them clicking on ads infolinks, while on adsense only about 2 clicks for every 100 visitors. So I think Infolink has the potential to make money from your blog to remember the placement of ads that blend in with the content.

Eligible to enroll in Infolinks

The main requirement to join in Infolinks including the following:
You should have your own blog
Language of your blog should be logged.
You have at least five blog post/article.
Your blog should have a unique number of visitors (unique visitors) per day.

How to sign up in Infolinks

Here are the steps for creating an account in Infolinks.
1. Create an account by visiting You can also use your Facebook account to create Infolinks. See the following picture:
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 2. After filling form, click Join and you’ll get a code to copy to your blog.
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3. Paste the code anywhere on the <body> on your blog/website.
4. Your site will be approved within 48 hours and your ad will automatically appear after approved blogs.
5. Once you create an account, log in to the Admin Panel by clicking the Login There> Infolinks Publisher on the main page.
6. After a successful login, you will be redirected to the dashboard of your Infolinks Publisher Center. Here you can check your account information and notifications. You can also see the earnings reports based on date or since the last payment. You can also update the settings payout (payout) or personal information. Here there are also options like Integrated, Customize, Accounts and Add New Blogs / Websites etc..

How much money from Infolinks?

There is no limit on how much you can get from Infolinks advertising in other words up to you and the quality of your blog. So you need to have a website/blog with high traffic as well as proper placement infolink code as a brief explanation above.

Payment/payout Infolink

According to the terms of service of Infolinks, they make payment no later than 45 days after the end of the month after you hit an earning minimum payout limit is $50 if using Paypal or $100 if using Bank Wire and Western Union.
Infolink also offers several other ways to make it easier for publishers to receive their payment is by Paypal, bank wire, eCheck, Western Union or Payoneer etc. 
you can choose the method of payment on the Payment Settings in the dashboard of your infolinks account.
That’s some general information and the steps to make money from blogs with Infolinks. Hopefully useful and successful always.
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