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Most Important Key To Become Successful Blogger. Blogger is a thing that is not easy to be realized. Everyone can become a blogge, depending on the desires in question would or not. However, the story becomes different when we offend people who are successful blogging and bloggers. Are all bloggers can be successful, the answer will depend on a number of things, and back to the blogger’s own.
On one side of blogging it is very simple, and on the other blogging very time-consuming and often difficult for a lot of things in times of development and income maximization.
There are many ways to make money from a blog, either in the form of dollar or Euro. How to monetize a blog which is currently the most widely used is based advertising through pay per click (PPC). With PPC advertising publisher bloggers the opportunity to earn purse money online with blogs.
Although to be based advertising PPC publisher is promising, but the volume of earning a blogger in this case relies heavily on reputation and traffic blog itself. As good as any of these blogs, without having a lot of visitors of course it would be futile, because basically monetizing blog traffic is the capital. The level of difficulty is how to make a blog that we created can bring a lot of visitors.
Here are 4 basic formula to be a successful blogger.
1. Obsession
To be a successful blogger you need the value of love is enough. You must really like blogging, as this is the main capital that you must have. However, a sense of love alone is not enough. You should be able to make yourself feel obsessed. How can you be so obsessed ? Visit blogs that can inspire you. 
2. Directed
Which meant focus is you should be able to create a blogging program planning in the long term. What should you do for the next 30 days, what is really the priority targets for the next 60 days, how to optimize your blog concept, etc.. If you do not have a concept or an idea is right, then the most likely result will not be maximal. Upgrade insight and ability in the field of blogging so you understand what are the stages of emotion you are working on.
3. Analysis
Have good analytical skills is one of the very valuable capital to be a successful blogger. The ability to analyze is needed by a blogger, blogging since it requires a lot of study, such as to analyze keywords, set theory to win a competition with so many competitors, blog optimization strategy, and much more.
4. Consistent
For most bloggers, it seems this is a pretty tough part. So much that we do in order to pursue a target, and the results are not always consistent with our expectations or predictions, this is the moment where we will feel fatigue and loss of consistency. So you do not get carried away less profitable, do not force yourself to do something when your mood is not good. Break, and for a moment you blogging. Make yourself constantly “mood on” at work, as this is one of the best strategies to maintain your consistency.
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