SEO Secrets of Bing | Search Engine Optimization Tutorial

Bing, the latest entry in the main search engines have seasoned war scenario for the majority of the search market. For Microsoft Bing is “search engine in the future”. Though Bing has not penetrated the benchmark expected till date, but continuous improvement is packed with extensive promotion plan no doubt causing a headache for Google, which wants to overtake. 
SEO Secrets of Bing, Search Engine Optimization Tutorial
Searches Bing shares proportionately increased and grown throughout the world. As a webmaster you should not ignore Bing because it can provide 10-12% of your website traffic search (data: search volume bing) if the website is accurate optimized for Bing. process can be easy if you know the secret of Bing’s ranking algorithm, which (ie Bing SEO secrets) I will expose now. 
1) Bing do not give homework is not as important as Google. So if the page Your Web low on the value of PR then also no problem. you can optimize web pages PR Bing low on results. 
2) Bing give more importance to social relations (backlinks) from Google. So make sure you have lots of backlinks linking back to the social your website. 
3) URLs are an important aspect of SEO Bing. A keyword rich url is likely to bring the best results on Bing. If you do not have a keyword rich URL (possibly maybe) then make sure you link a future laden with keywords proportional . 
4) Website title tag is very important for high rankings in Bing results. Bing recommends 5-65 characters (important: with a space) to write optimized webpage titles. Also make sure that your title is keyword rich. 
5) Writing meta description You in 150-165 words. Unlike Google, Bing does not include ‘The parameters’ in the meta description (main difference). was giving you some extra character to the goods to the meta description field. Having followed the tips of Search Engine Optimization notice the difference ( increase) in search traffic from Bing.

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1 Comment

  1. Thomas Wilson

    September 18, 2014 at 9:31 am

    Thank you for sharing valuable information. I actually enjoyed reading through this posting. Many thanks.

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