Simple Ways to Get Auto Backlinks

Getting quality backlinks can seize our time and most people do not have the time or patience to wait for it. There are many great ways to get backlinks such as

  • Blog comments,
  • Forum posting,
  • Article submission,
  • Social bookmarking
  • Guest posts,

but the problem with this method is that you will spend too much time to build a backlink. Would not it be better if the backlinks can be set to automatic?

1. Utilizing Yahoo Answers

I am sure you already know that Yahoo Answers is a site NoDoFollow, it’s not the reason you want to post the answers on Yahoo Answers. reasons you need to post on Yahoo Answers is because there is a piece of software out there called WP
Robots that will keep the links from Yahoo Answers to the device.
Did you understand why it is beneficial for you?
Getting these links is not too difficult. thing you have to do is answer the questions that have descriptive titles such as, “How do I build a blog?” Or “How can I make money from blog activity?”. Reasons you should answer the question is to people who need more complete answer will certainly be looking into your website.

2. add information to Wikipedia

Here is how it works, you must first first find the page that can be in editing (I recommend finding a page that does not have a lot of content). you have to find the page you want to edit and that is associated with your site,  so you have a reason to link to your site.

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