Google Ranking Algorithm Hummingbird, Panda, Penguin

Understanding Google’s ranking algorithm is important for every blogger, especially those of us who rely on Google as a source of visitors to the blog. Google has and continually ranking algorithm to complement and enhance the existing algorithms.
Google Ranking Algorithm Panda, Penguin, Hummingbird
Ranking algorithm is used to sort and select the contents strewn virtual world to be ranked in the google search engine pages based on certain standards. Because of the way right seo it is always evolving with the development of customized ranking algorithm.

A brief explanation of Google’s ranking algorithm.

3. Google Hummingbird.

Hummingbird is a Google search algorithm Google’s most recent current. On 27 September 2013 when Google’s 15th birthday, Google launched the Hummingbird algorithm. Google’s biggest target in this algorithm is to maximize the Hummingbird in providing more accurate answers and direct answers to the user really wants. Hummingbird algorithm is put into use since August 30, 2013. 

1. Google Penguin.

Google penguin duty get backlinks to your blog. Where backlinks come from, how many backlinks, what is link text used.
Backlinks from high authority sites that are relevant to your blog will be very beneficial.
The number of backlinks that many also provide additional value, especially if it comes from a variety of sites, and the quality of all these sites.
The third is what the link text used, and this part is very important.
You get backlinks from 100 high-quality and relevant sites, but you use the same link text. If that’s what you did then your blog will not compete with a site that only has 30 backlinks from sites that are similar but use a variety of text links.
You get 10,000 backlinks from a variety of websites ranging from high-quality sites to the site is not clear what the gender. You use the same link text or the unbalanced composition, then do not expect your blog ranking will remain on the first page.
You get backlinks from sites with copious amounts of spam, especially with the same link text, just anggab you knowingly allow your blog so as not to appear again on google.

1. Google panda.

Google panda is the ranking algorithm used google to judge the quality of the content based on the content itself.
unique article, discusses a topic in-depth, and is not found anywhere, very high value. Therefore the article will appear on the first page of Google search results for the most relevant search queries.
2 pieces or more articles on your blog of the same name with a different URL and indexed by Google called duplicate title tags. The exact same description that is owned by 2 or more pieces of the URL, called duplicate descriptions. Both types of duplicate google panda is not preferred, because they do not make your article unique.
So if your blog has a duplicate of the second kind, gradually SERP ranking will drop to the article.
Likewise if you create an article that contains a sentence that almost or nearly the same as ever appeared in any site and Google still indexed, it also only harm you.
The more different your article to any article and published elsewhere, increasingly favored the Panda.


Content that best meets the third standard ranking algorithm will be grouped in groups of quality content, while the remainder will be divided into groups of not qualified or not qualified.
Group quality content will appear on the first page of the appropriate keywords that are most relevant, while the quality is not going to stay away from the first page could even disappear from the google index.
In principle, any algorithm that will rank and never was his job for the same purpose, which was to determine quality content to be displayed on the first page with keywords and keyword phrases that are relevant.
With the aim of showing only quality content on the first page of google ranking algorithm it increasingly improved its ability to approach the human logic.
Therefore let’s discuss through your comments.
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1 Comment

  1. Sprout Social

    August 20, 2014 at 2:16 pm

    Google has steadily been altering algorithms to suit their own web properties. This latest Penguin update highlights it most of all. Yes, Google is a private company but most internet users expect them to be fair with their results.

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