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How to Secure Google Adsense from Banned

One way that must be done to secure your Google Adsense account is the first to comply with the Terms of its service. But It was not enough. Like a computer, you also have to anticipate the antivirus to protect from the bad guys who want to bring you down.
How to Secure Google Adsense from Banned
Have a Google Adsense account is currently very difficult. So smart to safeguard and secure so we are not banned by Google. It is unfortunate if the account that we get with difficulty and has produced banned by Google for violating the Terms of Service. Although we feel that there has never been violating the TOS as clicking on your own ads or by placing ads in places that are not justified by Google.
This can happen when there are other people who may be a competitor or competitors of your blog Google Adsense clicks on your ad so many times pointed out by Google that you have to click on your own ads.

Authorization Google Account.

By enabling this feature, then others who steal the script and put ads on their own blogs and then clicked many times does not count clicks. How to authorize it by clicking on the gear shift is located in the top right corner > select Once > then click Authorize Site. Enter the url of the blog that may display ads using your Google Adsense account.

Install Click Fraud Monitor.

This plugin serves to limit the number of clicks on an ad on your blog made by a particular IP Address. When someone clicks on your ad to the limit you specify, then banner ads will disappear by itself in the IP Address.

Immediate Report.

If it is found to exceed the normal limits of clicks, then immediately report it to Google by filling out the form that contains the IP address of the advertiser, the advertising blog page url is clicked multiple times, and descriptions. IP address and the URL on the page you can get statistics plugin Click Fraud Monitor. Remember, even if already installed CFM, hackers have always had a more sophisticated manner. Many say that the normal limit of 10% of the clicks is the number of impressions. But in my opinion, to be more careful, you should immediately report if it reaches 5%. Address reporting please click HERE .

Turn off ads aired.

When it happens booming clicks made by others, immediately disable your Google Adsense blog for a while. 
So tips on how to secure a Google Adsense account that is not banned. May be useful, and if you liked this article, please share by clicking the like button or by commenting below. Thank you. 
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