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Most Important Secret SEO Technique

There are also many ways in secret seo blogs out there, but do you realize that the key seo techniques that exist outside of just of few branches / or part of SEO techniques themselves, but inside there are three main things to try and improve SEO techniques , which shows the seo techniques out there that only the outline Outlines of three secret seo (search engine optimization), three secret seo:

These three factors are the core factors of seo techniques, aka I tried to explain the secrets of the SEO optimization of the three factors above.
I will share a standard and very important / necessary secret in SEO optimized, so you will be able to build their own secret seo methods .

Keyword analysis / research Keyword

keyword search is very necessary and very important, as a result of it is the main secret seo keywords Returns highest place in the competition in the search engines
using keywords that are relevant to site content blog / web, and using keyword phrases key to complete itself.

Onpage SEO Secrets

Onpage seo show that the technique is used on page seo blog site / web itself, which means that the improvement seo techniques website content so that it will be able to compete in the search for the highest point of the program 
There are many techniques onpage seo I can not make / explain to them one by one also may be in a different post that follows it, 

onpage seo techniques
1. Keywords in the meta tag: meta tag title, description and keywords meta tag keywords in the file name, file name, title, name, picture.
2. Anchor text
3. Arriving link
4. Jump to: header or sidebar
5. Posts connected
6. Templates seo friendly

Secrets of SEO offpage

Basically seo technique is to place a link / web log internet in Blog / Web others to count it as a backlink search engine
 > Submitted to the search engines: google, yahoo, msn 3 most major search engines.
> Web directory: directory to list your website as DMOZ
> Blogwalking: bekomentar in different people’s blogs
> newspaper
> Ping
> Pagerank

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