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Tips to Increase Google AdSense Revenue

Tips to Increase Google AdSense Revenue;  I’m sure you know that the Google AdSense program is for you as the owner of a blog or website. For those of you who just found out about this program, can read and learn more about the Google AdSense through Adsense Indonesia Forum.
Tips to Increase Google AdSense Revenue
Google AdSense is so popular among owners of the blog is that the program Google AdSense can immediately provide results (without selling a product) compared with an affiliate program. This allows blog owners to earn income from their own blog by placing ads Goolge AdSense (income derived from blog visitors who click on the ad).

Here are 5 tips to increase revenue from Google AdSense:

  1. In the Google AdSense program, please note that the placement of the ads on your blog or website greatly affect revenue. Ads are placed vertically on the left tend to produce a higher number of clicks.
  2. Google AdSense allows the blog owner to tailor advertising to the blog or website. For this reason, make advertising look natural and blend into the background with the use of blogs, links and advertisements limit the right color.
  3. Use keywords that are relevant to the content. But do not berlebihan.Penggunaan excessive keywords make your blog suspicion by Google (use keywords with the aim of targeting specific types of high-paying ads but does not fit the theme of the blog content).
  4. Remember that the revenue obtained from the clicks generated by visitors to your blog, it means you are forbidden to click on the ad itself . If you have a lot of visitors every day, creative thinking is the key to generating more clicks (use trial and error method, aka trial and error on your blog).
  5. If you use a lot of blogs or websites for ads Google AdSense , please file a report each channel blog or website. Its function is that you have a comparison and a better understanding of the type, placement, and style of ads that generate more revenue (use different styles on each blog).
Google AdSense has advantages for the owner of a blog or a website to generate revenue. With the right methods and a little creativity you can determine the success of Google’s use of Adsense. hopefully Tips to Increase Google AdSense Revenue helpful.

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1 Comment

  1. muhammad mahdi

    April 16, 2014 at 10:14 am

    wow nice info about blogging sir and thanks for all this cools info oke and it help me more understands about blogging thanks

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