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How to Make Money from Youtube: A Complete Guide

In the article I parse a chance to earn money from the internet easily via YouTube, that is by being a YouTube Partner. Or simply, ours videos advertise by Google.
In the article I did not elaborate step-by-step how to start a Youtube partner, I get a lot of questions about how to get started step by step to get this money from Youtube.
Well from where I am writing this article. Below I will describe the steps how to participate and become a Youtube partner and could soon make money.
But before, let me just tell you one thing. Youtube is not a way to earn money with a large amount in a short time. Indeed there are those who are able to produce hundreds of thousands of dollars per month from YouTube, but it is the ‘little people lucky, it is the exception, not a norm.
Getting large amounts of money from Youtube takes dedication, passion and hard work are high, that not everyone is able to do so. I say this, certainly not aimed relax your spirit, but want to be realistic, so as not to be disappointed in the middle of the road, prepared from the outset to work harder to present video in a creative, unique, watched and liked all over the world!
But, if someone else can, not an impossible thing you become one of those ‘lucky’ next, is not it? So, keep the spirit, and this is what you need to do to become a YouTube partner:

Creating channels and special url 

If you’ve made ​​a special URL for your channel, you can skip this step. If not, make address specific url, as the address of your channel. This is to facilitate the next step. How:
  • Click the profile picture on the top right corner of the page. Then click Youtube Settings.
How to Make Money from Youtube
  • You will go to the Youtube Settings. In the Overview, if you’ve made ​​a special url, it will look like this:
How to Make Money from Youtube
  • Click Advanced at the bottom of the email address. Later you will be taken to the page Settings channel, The channel address looks like this: You notice your channel address long series of code difficult to read. So you need to change it. Click the link Create a special URL on the end of a long address above. Will be received in the form below:
How to Make Money from Youtube
  • Type the name of your line as you wish. The name can only contain letters and numbers, no spaces. If it is, then address your channel becomes more compact, such as: Better than a long address as above instead?
Keep in mind, with a Google account, you can create many special channel on Youtube. Suppose you create a channel for the news category, one for music and others. It’s up to you. For each channel, you can then create the url address particular individual. 

2. Enable monetization channels

Now you have the channel and has been given a specific url address the more concise. I assume you’ve uploaded the two videos to your channel. The next step is to activate after monetization on your channel, ie in other words we allow Google to display ads in the video that we have.
How to Make Money from Youtube

  • Click the Enable My Account. Later open long enough Agreement page, Just tick all, mark you agree, then click I agree. After that comes the choice of ad format that will be displayed.

    How to Make Money from Youtube

    • Here, you determine what kind of ads that will appear later. ads expanse in the video is in the form of elongated ad that will appear at the bottom of your video, which, if clicked then you will get paid. While the choice of Ad True-view in a stream, is a video ad that will play automatically before you watch the video. You may choose one, can also choose both. If you have click the button monetized. Well, now you’ve switched to channel monetized and now has become a YouTube Partner.
    How to Make Money from Youtube

    Choice of this type of advertising, you can adjust or change later. Make sure you monitor the performance of income until you find the type of advertisement that best matches your own videos. Usually in the form of tutorials advertising, products, companies are more appropriate to use the type of overlay, while the more suitable video entertainment using video type True-view. This is related to the behavior of the different audiences of each type of video.

    Up here, if you already have some video, then the video will automatically monetized, having been reviewed in a short time, then it means that you have already started collecting money from the coffers of Youtube. 
    Besides that you can also select your own videos anywhere that wants to monetize. Go to page business video >> uploads. Check the video where you want to monetize, click Actions and choose monetization. Or you can also click on the logo directly to the right of the small $ video in question.
    How to Make Money from Youtube
    Signs that a video has been approved for $ monetized is the logo changed to a green color as shown in the picture above

    3. Accept payments

    If all the steps above you have done, then you immediately collect income. And now it’s time you receive a payment.

    Keep in mind to receive income payments from Youtube, you need an AdSense account associated with your YouTube account. So, of course you should make your Adsense account at a certain point. Google will not tell you immediately create an Adsense account, unless you have approached the revenue threshold payment, in the amount of $100. Although you do not have an Adsense account, your income will continue to be calculated and stored.

    As long as you have not linked the Adsense account, then the earnings report was not yet appear on the Analytics page. So, as an encouragement you can instantly create an Adsense account and then linked with Yotube your account.

    Explanation of how to get Adsense account, you can read in the Google Support page. However, it helps me explain well here.

    • Go back to the page Channels Settings as in step two above. You notice, After enabling monetization channel, then the Channel Settings page appears a new sub-menu that is Monetized.

    How to Make Money from Youtube

    • In the How will I be paid, Click on the link Associate Adsense Account  (see picture above). You will be taken to a page you will notice that associate Adsense account, Click Next.
    • Next you will be redirected to the page Google Adsense. If you want to use the same email address used to Youtube, click the Yes, use [your email address].

    How to Make Money from Youtube
    • You go to the second step. Here’s just a confirmation to ensure your Youtube channel address. Click Continue

    How to earn Money from Youtube

    • Go to the third step. Complete all the forms correctly and completely. Thorough once again before pressing Send my request . 

    How to earn Money from Youtube
    After this, you will be re-routed to Youtube. Wait for some time, then you already have an Adsense account linked to your YouTube channel. Done. Now you can see the earnings from day to day.

    Whether the task has been completed and I will get a substantial income from Youtube?

    You’re just starting up here. The next task (the heaviest) is how to make your videos become popular, as many people watched. The more people watch, then the chances of your income will be greater. 
    Unfortunately there is no formula to make a video telling us how well-known and popular. However, this, at least we know some of the things that make us look for a video is watched and liked. These are 3 basic tips that can help you: 

    1. Make something unique 

    Original, genuine, unlike the others. You are not going to be the ‘star’ that generates a lot of money by copying and imitating other people’s content. Maybe you get a surge of income by following a fad that is currently booming, but remember it’s only for a moment. Not long. In the long time it will not work. 

    2. Draw 10-15 seconds beginning of the video as interesting as possible 

    This is a crucial time, whether people will continue to watch or stop there and open the other video. Make people stay to watch your video to completion. 

    3. Provide new videos on a regular basis 

    This is the target that you must achieve. The more channels you subscribe to, the greater the chances of getting great results from Youtube. 
    To attract customers, you need to have fresh content on a regular basis. Has 5 video, it’s very heavy can make enough money from Youtube. Continue to be creative, make video useful, interesting to be shared, and suguhkan to your customers! 
    Well, that’s the steps you need to do to enjoy the income from Youtube, along with some tips to maximize revenue. 

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