Basic SEO Techniques: Learn SEO Complete Tutorial For Beginners

Search engine optimization, or SEO – there is also a call Search Marketing – does not have to be complicated. And not too require special technical knowledge. Even if you do not know at all knowledgeable about SEO, you can learn the basics to maximize search engine in a matter of days.

Basic SEO Techniques: Learn SEO Complete Tutorial For Beginners

Introduction: Tutorials SEO for Your Blog

First, try to understand this! SEO is one of the things that need a little time to learn, but it takes a lot of time to master it. That’s right, is not it?
What is SEO? Just to define for beginners, SEO can be defined by simple process of increasing the traffic coming to your website from search engines. Can google, bing or yahoo.
SEO can be divided into two parts: on-page optimization and off-page omptimasi. On-page optimization is the things you can do on your blog. While the off-page factors are outside of your blog which can increase your blog ranking in search engines.
on-page is quite important. But it is quite simple and relatively easy to do. Off-page optimization is much more difficult and the most important factor in maximizing traffic from search engines.

SEO: Originally was then Journey Through Keyword Backlinks to Backlink

This most basic of all business SEO is the key word. Keywords are words or phrases that someone typed in the search engine.
Keywords work just like this: Google wants to send someone to your blog / website to a page that provides the information they wish to see. That’s why Google often changes its algorithm system. They just want and do good service.
In addition, it is also important to know how popular the keyword. call it as search volume. Search volume determines approximately how many visitors you can receive. It is also not free from competition for that keyword – how tight and strong efforts of others to target keywords that too.
When looking to implement SEO techniques, you should start with the keyword. You know the keywords you want to target based on search volume and competition level.
In on-page, things you need to consider are:
a. URL (eg your domain, and the target keywords you learn the workings of a motorcycle engine. Sure that the keywords entered in the url you! Could be
b. Meta tags (including title, description and keywords)
c. Placement of keywords (in the article, header tags, image alt, etc.)
d. Internal and external linking, linking to other pages both within the site itself like any other sites.

Then the journey of backlinks to backlinks

Search engines can not rely solely on the content of your site to generate search. For that they are also considering the views of other sites. They consider links from other sites is a sign of confidence that the site he links to websites.
Businesses that need to be done, it is theoretically simple. It’s important points: the number of links, link quality, anchor text (words particular given the link-hyperlinks), and the content of the pages of the site and links originating (suitability theme).

A Simple SEO Strategy

Keywords may be one word, multiple words or long tail keywords (long tail) keywords there are popular and not. So that keywords can not have competitors, or there also have hundreds to thousands of compitators.
Typically, the higher the search volume, the more compitators. But not always. Opportunities that can be taken are keywords that have a relatively low level of competition.
Keywords with high search volume and high competition also called the “short tail” keywords. Instead keywords with low search volume lower the competition’s so-called “Long Tail” keywords. Read articles about Long Tail keywords, if you’re interested.
I will give an example. Hopefully you still persist to read.

Keyword Research

Google makes it easy for us to do keyword research. His name is “keywor tool. You can use it in here: google keyword tool.
Now try to think first term may be typed for your blog visitors. Suppose you are writing about soccer playing techniques. Use keywords / terms earlier, you will get something like this:
Note the key word football has a global monthly search volume of 1 million and monthly workshops 823 000 Do you want to get some traffic from there? Before you get too excited, I should explain a few things.
First, these keywords are considered “Short Tail.” It’s definitely a hot competition. Both our results will still be too broad. It was the result of monthly searches for keywords, soccer and football. Not football.
To get Peris results for “football”, we have to check the [Exact] under the tabs match types.
If already you will get a phrase that has a monthly search volume of 90 500 local (Indonesian) would also globally. Decreased from 1 000 000 and 835 000 monthly globa local monthly. I think it is still too hot competition for our strategy.
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