How to Make Long Tail Keywords

How to Make Long Tail Keywords – The search engine is an abundant source of traffic. Unfortunately, it is not easy for any blogger to bring up the article in the number one or first page of search results. One trick is to use long tail keywords.
If you are not familiar with this term, here is the definition of (understanding), for example, profits, and how to make the title of the long tail keywords.

What is a Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are keyword phrases that are typed multi visitors in search engines. These keywords are more specific than general keywords. Below is an example.
Credit cards are examples of common keywords, while the long tail keywords can be:
  • Credit cards for students
  • List of low interest credit cards
  • Advantages of credit cards for small Businessman

Advantages of Long Tail Keywords

Here are 4 advantages if you use long tail keywords:
  1. It give higher conversions . Visitors coming through search engines by typing in the long tail keywords generally intend to buy something online. By shooting the long tail keywords, your chances of capturing a larger buyer.
  2. It easy teranking in search engines . This is because long tail keywords are generally slightly competitors.
  3. More and more visitors are coming . With terangking well in the search engines, then your blog or website will capture a lot of visitors.
  4. Potential high CTR. Visitors coming through search engines are valuable because they are seekers of information, so the chances of them clicking on ads (adsense, PPC, etc.) that exist on your blog. Thus, the click through rate (CTR) of your adsense high.

How to Create a Title for Long Tail Keywords

After finding long tail keywords, the most important thing is to make the headers that contain long tail keywords. In the example above, the following are the titles that can be taken:
  • How to pick a credit cards for students
  • 20 Low Interest Credit Cards
  • 10 Benefits of Credit Cards to Increase Earnings of Small Business
What I described above is just the basics. You can of course modify it to make it more varied.
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