7 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Faster

Any Android phone has many attractive features but at the same time it also makes your gadgets all slowed. Some tips that may be taken into account to make your Android phone more speed as follows:

7 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Faster

1. Close the ‘animation’ in the app that uses the phone’s speed. What you need to do is go to Settings> Display> Animation and then you click on the No Animations

2. Close the plug-in for your browser or your browser. The trick is to open the internet browser, Settings> Enable plug-ins and then click Off.

7 Tips to Make Your Android Phone Faster

3. Please download third party Launcher – Launcher Pro to speed up the operation of the screen, especially when you open one application to another.

4. Close the paper of the animation in the background of your phone always runs when the phone is in active mode. How to find the key and click on the search button Live Wallpapers, then click the button and replace the static wallpaper only.

5. Limit the existing Widget on your homescreen. Remove Widget like Facebook or Twitter or Instagram, and make sure only the communication needs just because every time the phone is opened, it will read all the data that is displayed in the Widget on the homescreen. Than let the application on the home screen, enter all the applications in one folder.

6. Limit your downloaded applications. To do this you need to click on the Settings> Application and then delete the application that we rarely use.

7. Reduce the update or updates the data on the phone. How, go to Accounts & Sync then Deactivate sync apps like Twitter and Facebook, many using the data for the slow update your phone. Do not sync apps and practice methods only sync when you open

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