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How to Increase Adf.ly Earning

What is Adf.ly?

Adf.ly is a URL shortener that gives some sort of payment for each click on the link. Adf.ly is so popular among web developers primarily categorized web downloads. The system, each link is modified using Adf.ly redirect it will show ads, each ad impression then we will get paid. Relax, ads can be skipped after five seconds of each serving Increase Adf.ly Earning.

To again again who use Adf.ly or other URL shortener sites like Adfocus, Shortest, Linkbucks, and so on, ane had some way to raise revenue in a way that was legal. This trick must be tested for the blog / web download.

Use Lots of Links

The point here is that if we provide a download link, provide links from many servers. For example the download link via Mediafire, Indowebster, 4Shared, Google Drive, Dropbox, and so on. This way visitors can click more than one link Adf.ly.

Use the links Part

It is quite widely used for example we upload a file size of 100 MB. Then we broke up into two, each 50 MB. So to download the whole file must click at least 2 pieces of link Adf.ly.

Multiple Redirect Link

When converting a link to Adf.ly then the result is converted back to Adf.ly. Technically it will force Adf.ly visitors pass through more than once. However, this may make visitors uncomfortable.

Give Interesting Files

Give the downloaded file is of interest to visitors. Thus, visitors will also be interested to download it and certainly from Adf.ly income increases. Do not forget to describe the file in detail.

Create Content That’s Most Wanted

What is currently the most sought after? For example a game, then download the game link to redirect Adf.ly. This must be balanced with traffic through the links, one technique is to SEO techniques.

Use Website Entry Script

This method is to make all the links in the web / blog towards redirect Adf.ly. For example, there are 10,000 PV day, the views in Adf.ly also obtained. But it is bad for the reputation of the blog and make visitors uncomfortable. If interested, can go to the Tools menu to install the script into your blog / website.

Participate Adf.ly Referrals Program

This technique is promoting Adf.ly site by placing a banner or link on the web page. Every joining our Referrals program then Adf.ly will pay, and pay well more than a regular link.

Broken Link Method

Honestly, this technique has never ane wear, but no harm in trying. For example, we provide three pieces of the download link via Dropbox, 4Shared and Mediafire (set in order). Give broken link (the link is broken) on Dropbox and 4Shared, as well as live links on Mediafire. This will make the visitor to click all the links, but only one link alive. Ane named this technique, Cheats Link.

Maybe that can explain long experience using Adf.ly. Some tricks above there is not recommended because of its adverse effects to the blog. So, basically we have to get more traffic to the blog, thus Adf.ly will give us more money.

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