Why do we Root Android Device?

Most likely this word means “root”  or other websites related to mobile phone you have. Ruth originally meant to discuss the possibilities and then we get to the root.

Ruth is the root meaning of the word and the term means having access to the original and complete (root) is the Android operating system. It will probably be clearer with an example, While employees have less access to the CEO and the only things that can interfere Director has determined for them. By default, you have the employee in the example above. That is just a series of pre-determined and have access to the CEO can have access to the root of your device. In terms of who has access to the operating system, User is called Super.

Thus it can be said in one sentence: Root means full access to all components of the operating system is Android. However, the possibility that we will be routed to the user:

1. Use custom ROMS:

Before explaining the word “Ram” and “custom” means to them;

Ram exactly does the operating system, or other word-ROM, “Frmvyr Firmware”. For example, say I have a home computer operating system is Windows 7 or xp. Ram is also exactly the same meaning. Your smart phone operating system and the “Rom Rom” is said.

Custom meaning to everything that is said to be informal and hand-made. Once called “custom ROM” for this is that the operating system is not an official and is published by third parties and the Company does not recognize the ROM.

The main argument will return to the “use of the custom ROM with root out”:

May for any reason you are not satisfied with your phone’s ROM, this can slow down your phone, your old official ROM (usually after the official ROM for a model, and you have to use the new version of Android custom ROM you are using. becomes smoother.

2. Overclock CPU the device:

Overclock Cpu with you over the use of capacity, for example the rate of capacity use 900MHz. Overclock practical course is very sensitive and may create serious problems for your Android device. It is proposed the model of your device and the authorized before Overclock Overclock it to search for.

3. Transfer ups of internal memory Sd Card

4. Access to the Android system files:

such install, for example, recorded Live video from your Android environment all need to have root access.

5. Task Manager Professional:

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