Top 50 Android Apps 2014

The wide variety of the best android apps in the Google Play stores were exposed in this article, to which it stems from a chat application like bbm app for android, whatsapp, KakaoTalk, WeChat, and also there are many variations of the other chat applications.

best android apps

Not only that, here you may also download social media applications such as Facebook for Android, Twitter, UberSocial, path, and many other applications.

Besides chat applications and social networking applications via google play store you may also get style photo editing application for android  be used for photo editing application online and offline.
In fact one of the best-selling photo editing application in android when this application namely Mo Xiang Ji also were exposed here. Application Mo Xiang Ji is the best and latest android apps 2014 bolej transform your photo into a cartoon-like caricature funny.

Here listed for those of you who want to add a collection of the best and latest android apps 2014 on your smartphones and tablets, the following information 50 best android apps and best selling when it is allowed to be downloaded via Google Play store on mobile phone/tablet you respectively.

Below is a collection of the best and most popular android apps 2014.

1. BBM For Android
2. Application Edit Photo Mo Xiang Ji
3. Facebook Application For Android
4. Whatsapp For Android
5. Line For Android
6. WeChat For Android
7. KakaoTalk for Android
8. Nova Launcher Android
9. Tapatalk Forum App For Android
10. ES File Explorer File Manager
11. Apex Launcher
12. Smart Keyboard Pro
13. Application Horoscope
14. Real Player Android app
15. Application Android Winamp
16. Adobe Reader For Android
17. Skype For Android
18. Free Antivirus Android
19. Yahoo Messenger
20. Facebook Messenger
21. FXCamera
22. Wikipedia
23. Adobe Photoshop Express

24. Speedtest.Net
25. Bluetooth File Transfer
26. Opera Mini
27. Adobe Flash Player 11
28. Best Apps Market
29. Documents To Go
30. SPB Shell 3D
31. TweetCaster for Twitter
32. Battery Saver
33. Poweramp Music Player
34. MyBackup Pro
35. Anti-Virus Pro
36. Skype – free video calling
37. App 2 SD (move app to SD)
39. VLC Direct Pro
40. MX Video Player Pro
41. Camera ZOOM FX
42. SoundHound
43. Screen
44. Google Goggles
45. YouTube
46. ​​ASTRO File Manager
47. Vlingo Virtual Assistant
48. Quadrant Standard Edition
49. Paypal For Android
50. Google + For Android

Thus, you have the option to download the latest android, best sellers 2014. Congratulations best download available on the style and are satisfied with the information and resources from this blog.

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