What is Android? What is Android Programming?

Android Mobile is an operating system which developed by Google. It is open-source operating system based on Linux kernel built. Unlike the iPhone iOS Android OS only supports ARM processors, on a variety of processors (ARM, MIPS, Power Architecture, x86) installed. Since 2008, several mobile phones using this operating system have been introduced to the market. It also uses a number of Tablet PC operating system market are presented.
Android is a powerful programming that is very simple developers libraries . Including relational databases, little by * the SQLite, 3D graphics functions openGL, the browser engine webkit (like Chrome) and graphics engine, SGL.

Relationship between Android and Java:

Accessories Android applications are written using the Java programming language and to communicate with the underlying operating system can use libraries Javanese Android. User interface of Android operating system is written in Java and many Android applications are written in Java. But the OS, Java Virtual machine does. Javanese to run on the operating system, code becomes Dalvik Java code and run on Dalvik virtual machine. (Javanese Dalvik virtual machine optimized for the Android OS to the RAM and the CPU and lower power consumption). Typical Javanese applications that run on other phones using Java virtual machine emulation software such j2ME MIDP Runner on the operating system are applicable.

Supported file formats:

Android’s default files mp3, aac, ogg, amr, midi, mpeg4, wav, bmp, gif, png, jpg supports. Android Adobe Flash Player and can also play with the motion animated GIF files. To play audio and video files, such as the current tag html5 video and Adobe Flash Streaming Technology MS new version of Android, Chrome browser JavaScript engine, which has a very high speed in the execution of JavaScript code is attached to the Android browser is. (In the Android browser supports HTML5 code)

IDE Android:

Android SDK includes a debugger, libraries Android emulator operating system, Android documentation and sample files and education that will help you create your first campaign. The SDK is based on a 32-bit Linux, Windows or mac OSX is running. Prerequisites for installing the SDK include JDK and Apache Ant and python 2.2. Programs written for Android .apk file extension saved.

App Inventor for Android:

Google masterpiece in creating Android applications:

such as accelerometers, to gauge, GSP, manage sms android, convert audio to text and even to connect to web services (Web services, Amazon and Twitter are included by default in the IDE). The IDE is so advanced that universities MIT, Harvard, Wellesley and San Francisco will hold a course for students.

Android are not encouraged to buy an Android phone. In the IDE, you can simply drag-n-drop components onto the screen and start writing your first Android application. (Address program Google is of course the same as the rest of Google’s system is not available)

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